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Samsung will produce the next-gen Tesla FSD HW 4.0 chip for the Cybertruck


The deal between Tesla and Samsung is almost done for the production of the next-generation Tesla FSD chip aka HW 4.0 (Hardware 4). A report from The Korea Economic Daily revealed the secret of the provider of this integrated chip which Tesla will install in the Cybertruck for the first time.

Tesla is currently using the HW 3.0 supercomputer in all of its cars produced in the United States and China. Tesla unveiled the HW 3.0 FSD Computer back in 2019 during the Autonomy Day presentation.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, although HW 3.0 is fully capable of computing the Full Self-Driving software, the automaker still wanted to make the next-level computer just in time to make FSD even safer. The Silicon Valley-based automaker also wants to keep innovating and improving upon its technology in the essence of its continuous improvement cycle.

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Rumors of Tesla working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for its HW 4.0 (FSD Computer 2) processor have now been put to rest with this news. Tesla electronics R&D team designs the FSD chips in-house and then outsources production to a third-party service provider. Samsung was producing the HW 3.0 FSD and will remain the sole supplier of the HW 4.0 chip as well.

Tesla first installed the HW 3.0 FSD Computer in Model 3 production cars, its latest vehicle at the time. Tesla will first use the HW 4.0 chip in the Cybertruck that’s due for production as early as 2022.

After the Cybertruck, the HW 4.0 chip will slowly transition to newly produced cars of the entire lineup as it happened in the case of HW 3.0.

Elon Musk hinted at the use of HW 4.0 during the AI Day presentation last month, he said:

I’m confident that HW 3.0 or the FSD Computer 1 will be able to achieve full self-driving at a safety level much greater than a human, probably at least 200-300% better than a human. Obviously, there will be a future HW 4.0 or Full Self Driving Computer 2, which we’ll probably introduce with the Cybertruck, so maybe in about a year or so. 

That’ll be about four times more capable, roughly. But it’s really just gonna be like, can we take it from, say, for argument’s sake, 300% safer than a person to 1000% safer. And just like there are people on the road who have varying driving abilities, but we still let people drive. You don’t have to be the world’s best driver to be on the road.

Source: Tesla AI Day presentation video, Elon Musk at 2:51:25 (watch below).

Tesla and Samsung chose the 7nm architecture over the more compact and battery-efficient 5nm. The 7-nanometer architecture might have been chosen by the manufacturer to trade stability and better heat dissipation in lieu of more space. Since the cars are not as small as mobile phones, a little bit of real estate can be compromised for longevity and stable operations (further reading: 7nm vs. 5nm on Quora).

Featured image: Elon Musk and Cybertruck spotted at the Times Square, New York

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Video: Tesla AI Day presentation, starts when Elon Musk talks about the Cybertruck and HW 4.0.

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