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Drone video shows how Tesla Megapacks are building up the world’s largest energy storage site


The latest drone footage shows the great progress Tesla has made on creating one of the world’s largest energy storage projects located in Moss Landing, California. Tesla is doing this huge project for PG & E, one of the largest electricity providers in California.

The last time we reported on this groundbreaking project, Tesla had just started assembling Megapacks on the site. Looking at the following video which was shot just 2 days ago, it seems that the work progress has been phenomenal. Only 9 out of 33 concrete slabs can be seen empty, which means the Megapack commissioning is in its final stages.

PG & E along with Tesla is aiming to complete this project and start initial testing in early 2021. By Q2, 2021 the project is estimated to perform at its maximum potential. When completed, this large set of Tesla Megapacks will be able to deliver 730 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy to the electrical grid at a maximum rate of 182.5 MW for up to four hours during the peak demand timeslot. In non-peak hours, the batteries can be put to recharge, a swift solution for tackling peak electricity demand.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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