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The entry to Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo will not be super strict, says Elon Musk


During his pre-Cyber Rodeo tweetstorm, the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk announced that “the door won’t be super strict”. He said this in response to a request by a Tesla Model 3 owner who had received the invitation but he eagerly wanted to bring his wife to the party as well.

Hundreds of Tesla owners and individual investors have been complaining on Twitter by tagging Elon Musk in their posts that they want to be part of Cyber Rodeo because they are also part of the Tesla Community.

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The Cyber Rodeo frequently asked questions and SOPs that Tesla has put out, clearly that there are no commercial tickets available for the event and this is strictly invite-only. But taking a look at Twitter and Reddit, it looks like the invitations Tesla has sent during the last two weeks are in hundreds and Tesla is making arrangements for 15,000 people.

Social media influencers, Tesla YouTubers, retail investors, and loyal old Tesla owners have largely received the invitation emails. There are is a bigger number of Tesla owners and enthusiasts today that wanted to join the party.

In my opinion, the persons accompanying someone with an invitation will be easily given entrance to Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo today. If there is still capacity left, Tesla might let more people in.

The party is going to start 4 PM Austin, Texas time today and it is around 6 hours remaining as of this writing.

Two Cybertruck prototypes and a Tesla Semi have already reached Giga Texas for today’s public appearnce. A few days ago, Tesla Semi was spotted outside the Model Y factory building, today it has been seen inside the factory (see below tweet).

Tesla Cybertruck (center) and Tesla Semi Truck (far right) spotted inside Giga Texas as Tesla prepares for the Cyber Rodeo party and factory tour.

By Iqtidar Ali

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