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Tesla Semi-truck hits Giga Texas as preparations for Cyber Rodeo heat up


Tesla is getting all geared up for the grandest party in the history of automotive industry, the Cyber Rodeo event at Gigafactory Austin, Texas tomorrow. During these preparations, a Tesla Semi truck was spotted by a local observer Joe Tegtmeyer during his drone coverage of the factory on Monday.

Tesla Semi is an all-electric class-8 truck that the automaker introduced back in 2017 has been in development for years now. However, just towards the end of last year, limited production reportedly started at Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. PepsiCo is the first corporate customer to receive a small fleet of Tesla Semis as they roll off the assembly line.

However, for the grand opening and factory tour of Giga Texas (Cyber Rodeo), Tesla has brought a Tesla Semi Truck to showcase at the party tomorrow (Thursday 7th April 2022).

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Full Giga Texas drone coverage with Tesla Semi below (from 4th April 2022).

This is the first time a Tesla Semi truck has paid a visit to Giga Texas since the development of the factory started back in August 2020. Now it has landed there to show off its silent beauty to Cyber Rodeo guests and the rest of the world as this party gets a lot of press coverage tomorrow.

Tesla started sending Cyber Rodeo invites about two weeks before the event and since its Texas and a rodeo. We have a nice little list of what to wear at this mega party where Tesla owners and enthusiasts are gathering in thousands (around 15,000).


It is clear from the name of this event that the Cybertruck is going to surely be present at the event. It has been almost a year since Elon Musk drove the Cybertruck to Giga Texas and employees took a thorough look at it from the inside and out.

Currently, Giga Texas is only able to start production of the Model Y SUV, Musk has clarified that the Cybertruck development will be completed this year and production would happen next year i.e. 2023.

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Video: Tesla Semi truck appears in the drone footage at 26:35. It is not clear if this is a prototype or a production Tesla Semi.

By Iqtidar Ali

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