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Tesla releases a list of FAQs and dos and don’ts of Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo


It’s not an easy task to throw a party and factory tour for 15,000 people at one of the world’s largest factories. But Elon Musk and Tesla are doing it tomorrow (7th April) at Giga Texas Giga Fest aka Cyber Rodeo.

For this to sail in a smooth fashion, Tesla has put together a list of SOPs to follow at the party and the visitors are bound to follow them (full list below).

“How can we get a ticket to Cyber Rodeo?”, this is the single most asked question by Tesla owners and individual investors. The comments section of our earlier report about Cyber Rodeo invites is also filled with this question. The simple and straight answer is “it’s an invite-only event and tickets are not transferrable”.

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Means, only the person who has received the invitation from Tesla is the one eligible to participate in Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo. The people I know who have got invites are mostly loyal Tesla owners for the last few years, social media influencers, and TSLA long investors — these groups got to the priority list.

Some of my friends have got the invitations to attend Cyber Rodeo. Gail Alfar from Austin, TX, and Ian Pavelko from Montreal Canada. Ian, Trevor from Tesla Owners Online, and Brad have traveled from Montreal to Texas in a cannonball run of around 32 hours to join the Giga Texas Giga Fest aka Cyber Rodeo.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already said that this is literally becoming the biggest party on Earth. So, a lot is going to be happening.

We will be posting tons of pics, videos, and updates from the event and from inside the factory, so stay tuned.

Tesla Cyber Rodeo Giga Fest party fan art by @escape_ferocity / Twitter.

Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo FAQs and SOPs

When is the event?

Doors open at 4:00 PM. Remarks begin after sunset. No re-entry will be permitted.

What is the minimum age to be able to attend the event?

The event is for adults only. 

Can I transfer my ticket?

No. Tickets are non-transferable. 

Can I sell my ticket?


Can I purchase a ticket? 

No. This is an invite-only event. Additional tickets are not available. All registrations are final.

What items are prohibited?

The following items are PROHIBITED:

  • Smoking and vaping devices
  • Any and all professional audio/video recording equipment
  • Pets
  • Drones or any other remote flying device
  • Firearms, weapons or explosives of any kind
  • Illegal substances of any kind
  • Outside food or beverage (including alcohol) of any kind

Source: Tesla Cyber Rodeo FAQs web page.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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