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Tesla Model Y earns the highest-ever safety score in the Euro NCAP new protocol crash tests


Tesla’s Model Y electric SUV sets a new standard in crash safety rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests and evaluations based on the authority’s new and more strict standards brought forward in 2020 – 2022.

Tesla Model Y scored an overall average safety score of 92%, which is the highest ever for any vehicle (ICE or electric) tested by Euro NCAP. The 2nd safest vehicle on this graph is the Lexus NX with an overall average crash safety score of 89%.

Graph: Tesla Model Y scores the highest-ever overall crash safety score in Euro NCAP safety tests (new protocol 2020 – 2022), Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (read the official blog for more information).
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Tesla Model Y earned an overall 5-star rating and the highest average safety score in the Euro NCAP test results with the following scores in major areas (full PDF report below):

  • Adult Occupant: 97%
  • Child Occupant: 87%
  • Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs): 82%
  • Safety Assist (Crash Avoidance): 98%

Tesla has been making constant improvements to the safety of its vehicles. The US-based automaker’s CEO Elon Musk has iterated several times that occupant safety is Tesla’s #1 priority.

The far-side airbag is the latest addition to the safety features of the Tesla Model Y. This airbag deploy in a side impact crash between the front passenger seats. This is the space where the driver or passenger has their head swerved depending if the vehicle is t-boned from the left or right (see video demo below).
Video: Deployment of the Tesla Model Y far-side airbag during a side impact crash. Credit: Tesla, Inc. / Euro NCAP.

The Tesla Model Y vehicles tested by Euro NCAP are equipped with rear underbody casting (Giga Casting). Along with the rigid battery pack, the rear underbody casting provides an extra layer of safety in case of cabin intrusion from the front, rear, or either side.

The rear underbody casting combined with our fortified battery pack provides immense crash strength to the safety cell, helping to maintain compartment integrity. This strength allows our advanced restraint systems to deploy effectively inside the cabin, holding occupants in place and providing protection against cabin intrusions.

Tesla official blog.

Borrowing the Tesla Vision technology from the Autopilot/FSD package, Tesla has enhanced safety features for vulnerable road users (VRUs) and the safety assist suite.

Tesla just recently rolled out a new safety feature in a free over-the-air (OTA) software update that alters the default seat belt behavior. This new safety enhancement uses Tesla Vision to predict a crash and pretension the seat belts.

This new cutting-edge Tesla Vision technology has proved helpful and Tesla was able to score a 98% in crash avoidance tests in both the Euro NCAP and Australian ANCAP safety ratings.

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Tesla Model Y tops the 2022 Euro NCAP crash safety rating chart for all types of vehicles. Source: Euro NCAP.
Video: Compilation of the Tesla Model Y Euro NCAP crash safety tests.

Tesla Model Y Euro NCAP Test Results (PDF)



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