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3 Tesla Semi trucks spotted in the wild — Nikola rebrands IVECO trucks and puts them out on display


Tesla Semi spottings are becoming more frequent as the production start is getting closer toward the end of this year. A small fleet of 3 Tesla Semi prototypes was spotted in the wild earlier this week.

This was probably the parking lot of a Tesla facility in California, the exact location of which was not disclosed by the person who posted it on Twitter.

These Tesla Semi prototypes are most probably making long trips to and from the Fremont factory in California to Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. Tesla has already set up a pilot Semi truck production line and the first Megacharger station at Giga Nevada.

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Video: Three Tesla Semi truck prototypes parked in the wild.

Last year, Tesla painted all of the Tesla Semi prototypes in white color, before that, these used to be in black, silver, and even in red. The 4th companion of these 3 Tesla Semis is an odd one, an ICE semi-truck, not sure why it’s present at this time and place.

One of these Tesla Semis is the one that the automaker painted for Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo and one is a bobtail Tesla Semi (without the trailer).

Meanwhile, at the Nikola factory’s parking lot, there were at least 21 semi trucks spotted. Nikola Corporation put these trucks out there in the open as if they were its own design and manufacturing. Actually, these are IVECO S-WAY semi-trucks.

IVECO sustainable energy semi-trucks are powered by natural gas (CNG / LNG).
Features and functions of IVECO’s environmentally sustainable semi-trucks. Source: IVECO S-WAY e-brochure.

Nikola Corporation once considered itself a Tesla competitor in the sustainable energy semi-truck segment. Its notorious founder and CEO Trevor Milton used to make outrageous claims on Twitter about his company’s upcoming hydrogen-powered class-8 semi-truck that never went to production.

Back in 2018, Nikola even sued Tesla for allegedly stealing the design of its semi-truck to make the Tesla Semi design. And now, Nikola is installing its company badges on trucks made by another manufacturer and leaving them out in the company’s parking lot for the public to see as if these were made at Nikola’s own factory.

Just recently, Tesla halted the reservations for the Semi-truck and has made refinements to its interior. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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