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Tesla starts sending Semi delivery event invites, adds the truck pictures to the Tesla mobile app


Earlier this week, Tesla announced that an entire event will be held at its Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada to celebrate the first deliveries of its class-8 semi-truck, the Tesla Semi. Now that the event is all set to happen, Tesla has started sending invites to retail investors to RSVP.

These invitations are limited to Tesla retail investors and there is a verification method to bypass before being able to attend this event. So, this event is not the same as the Cyber Rodeo or the Model Y delivery event at Giga Berlin.

Verified Tesla retail investors started receiving these invitation emails around Thursday/Friday this week. Tesla asked the invited investors to RSVP by 28th November 11:59 PM to attend the event on December 1st.

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As the first-ever batch of Tesla Semi trucks will be handed over to the corporate customer PepsiCo, the automaker has already updated its mobile app in advance to make room for the Semi.

As Tesla Semi will now join the ‘production vehicle lineup’ of the Austin, TX-based electric automaker, it was inevitable to add it to the Tesla mobile phone app.

Tesla has added 3D models of the exterior and interior of the Tesla Semi to its phone app to enable the owners and users in managing their trucks.

The interesting part of having a Tesla vehicle and the company’s OEM phone app gives you a level of control over your vehicle. For example, you can set the cabin temperature for cooling or heating before using the vehicle, monitor range and battery status, and even monitor the surroundings of your vehicle remotely to name a few.

Rendering of a Tesla Semi truck inside the Tesla mobile app (iOS 4.14.3). Credit: OptimusDev / Twitter.
Digital rendering of the Tesla Semi truck added to Tesla mobile app by the automaker. Credit: OptimusDev / Twitter.

OlympusDev who is a hacker was the first one to explore the new Tesla Semi renderings inside the Tesla mobile app. However, he was able to only confirm this change for the iOS version for now. These renderings were found in the Tesla mobile app for iOS version 4.14.3.

More detailed pictures of the Tesla Semi in the Tesla mobile app.

Attendees at the Tesla Semi delivery event will not only witness the first production trucks but also will be able to observe the first Megacharger station Tesla has built at Giga Nevada. This station is purpose-built to charge the large battery of the world’s first production electric semi and the automaker plans to develop these across North America and Europe in the future.

Stay tuned as we bring you the interesting details from the Tesla Semi event as it happens on December 1st.

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Great article thanks. If God allows my Veteran PTSD claim to come to fruition a Tesla would be my dream car like my Current custom Corvette was in 1969.

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