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Tesla delivers first Giga Berlin-made Model Y electric SUVs to customers, watch Elon Musk dance once again


Finally, the day has come when Tesla (TSLA) delivered the first batch of Giga Berlin-made Model Y electric SUVs to the customers. Actually, these initial customers are Giga Berlin employees who were given priority to get their hands on locally made Model Ys first.

As we reported in the first week of this month that Tesla will start Model Y deliveries from Giga Berlin on 22nd March, it has finally come to fruition.

As was expected, Tesla CEO Elon Musk flew to Germany to make a presence at the event.

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He did not just make a simple appearance at the ceremony but also danced in front of a Model Y as well. The last time we saw him dancing was at the Giga Shanghai Model 3 delivery event back in January 2020.

However, this time, his dance moves were pretty different from the previous ones — of course, he is an innovator (video below). Reportedly, Elon Musk personally delivered the first Giga Berlin-made Model Y.

Video: Elon Musk dancing at the Giga Berlin Model Y delivery event (Credit: @Tesla_Adri / Twitter).

Besides being so active on Twitter, Musk is also the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company who dances at important company events. The vibrant personality of Elon Musk brings a huge amount of attention to his companies and products as well.

Video: Elon Musk dancing at the Model Y event.

“This is a great day for the factory and I just like to thank everyone who helped, thank you very much. It’s really made a big difference, I mean, Tesla will make sure that this is a gemstone for the area, for Germany, for Europe, and for the world,” Musk said at the delivery event.

Video: Elon Musk dance Giga Shanghai vs. Giga Berlin.

His enthusiasm also shows how deeply ingrained he personally is in his companies and the products that they produce.

The moment when Tesla delivers the first Giga Berlin-made Model Y electric SUVs to its customers, Elon Musk also joins the event. Credit: Thorsten Metzner / Twitter.

The atmosphere at Giga Berlin was already getting warmer since morning as the employees were preparing for the Model Y deliveries and to welcome their CEO Elon Musk. The new graffiti art can also be seen in the outside videos where the stage for the party is set up (video below).

Video: Stage and outer walls of Giga Berlin today (22nd Mar 2022) on the locally produced Model Y midsize electric SUVs.
Made-in-Germany Tesla Model Y electric SUVs on display outside the Model Y production plant at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg. Credit: Alex Avoigt / Twitter.

As we can see in the picture and video above that the quality of paint, fit, and finish of the Model Ys produced at Giga Berlin is great. Blogger Alex Avoigt who was present at the event also lauded the quality of Made-in-Germany Model Y cars by witnessing them live.

When a new Tesla Gigafactory starts or a new car model is launched, Tesla usually makes the top-level trim first. This is done to prioritize customers paying the highest premium and cars generating the highest profit margin. Alex just told me that all the Model Y cars he saw at the event are Performance variants.

In the case of Giga Berlin, it is safe to believe that all the Model Ys delivered today are the top-end Performance versions. Currently, the price of Model Y Performance in Germany is €63,990 Euros.

The lower-end Model Y Long Range AWD trim in Germany costs €56,990 Euros and is imported from China, made at the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai.


As Musk is present at Giga Berlin-Brandenburg, He posted to Twitter “Danke Deutschland (Thank You Germany),” just a while ago.

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