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Aptera becomes the first OEM to integrate Tesla’s NACS charge port design into its solar EVs


Aptera Motors becomes the first OEM in the United States to integrate the Tesla charge port design into its electric vehicles. Tesla has open-sourced its charge port design and named it the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

With NACS, Tesla aims to make its charge port design standard across North America just like Combined Charging Standard (CCS) has been standardized in Europe. But the design and capabilities of the NACS are much superior compared to the CCS standard.

Aptera Motors published a press release last week to announce that the company has started integrating the NACS charge ports in its futuristic solar EVs.

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Actually, Aptera was the one who filed a petition back in July, the petition demanded the design of the Tesla charge port and connector be made standard in the United States. A few months later, Tesla opened the design and architecture of its charge port design and called it NACS.

Not only the Tesla charge port/connector design is simple, but it is also more efficient and is able to hold up to 1 MW of charging.

Because of its compact connector design, plugging-in Tesla vehicles into Superchargers and home chargers is quite convenient. While on the other hand, the CCS design is bulky and for certain individuals, it is difficult to plug their cars with the heavy connector (see diagram below for size and design comparison).

A diagram representing the relative size difference between charge port connectors: CCS (left), CHAdeMO (middle), and Tesla NACS (right). Credit:

Aptera Motors also revealed the following picture of the actual charge port they have integrated into their electric vehicles on social media and the press release email I was also included in.

Tesla charge port design, the North American Charging Standard (NACS) integrated into Aptera solar electric vehicles. Credit: Aptera Motors.

“We’re thrilled about this news and applaud Tesla for allowing and encouraging the EV industry to utilize its superior technology,” said Chris Anthony, Co-CEO of Aptera Motors. “We believe Tesla’s decision is an essential step toward shifting the future of transportation to a more efficient and greener direction, and we look forward to adopting its connector in our sEVs (solar EVs).”

Lectron is the company providing the development and integration of the NACS charge ports on Aptera’s upcoming solar EVs. Aptera chose Lectron to provide these services because they are leading this arena in North America right now.

“We’re excited about the news of Tesla opening up its NACS to the transportation industry. We believe the growing EV charging market needs innovations like this which greatly benefit equipment builders and end customers,” said Christopher Maiwald, Founder and CEO of Lectron.

A 3-wheeler Aptera solar EV. Credit: Aptera Motors.

Aptera Motors is aiming to start production of its 3-wheeler electric vehicle with solar charging capability and the NACS charge port toward the end of this year. Amazingly, Aptera EV is quite affordable with an estimated starting price of $25,900.

With the NACS charge port, Aptera EVs will be able to potentially use Tesla Superchargers (not yet fully open to other automakers), Destination Chargers, and the Tesla Wall Connector for home charging.

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