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EV startup Aptera files a petition to make Tesla Superchargers and plug design standard in the United States


Electric vehicle startup Aptera Motors has filed a petition to make Tesla Superchargers and the Tesla charge port design standard across the United States.

As of this writing, more than 15,000 people have signed this petition already and it’s on its way to becoming one of the top-signed petitions on as the signatures reach 25,000.

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If the changes to the charge port and plug design in this petition are implemented, it will create a synchronized charging experience for every EV owner in the U.S.

Tesla has the most widespread charging network in the United States and the entire world actually. A major portion of its public charging infrastructure is its Supercharger stations. If they become available to other EV manufacturers, the road to sustainable transportation will be much smoother — the reason Tesla came into being.

Likewise, if Tesla vehicles are able to easily charge at third-party charging stations, the ecosystem will benefit Tesla electric car owners as well.

Currently, there are 3 major types of DC fast-charging connectors and their relevant charge ports used in electric vehicles across the United States (list and diagram below).

  1. Combined Charging System (CCS1 and CCS2)
  2. SAE – J1772
  3. Tesla Standard
Diagram: EV Charging Connectors (from left to right): CCS, J1772, Tesla. Credits: Aptera Motors.

The Tesla connector/plug design is minimal and compact, and even with its small diameter, it allows DC fast charging at rates up to 250 kW. The CCS connector is especially heavy weight although it allows for a max charging speed of 350 kW (CCS2).


Installing DC fast charging stations and connector design with Tesla standards is not just efficient but is also cost-effective. There is a potential for saving billions of dollars in building EV charging infrastructure if Tesla standards are implemented across the country. Aptera wrote in the petition:

A Texas program recently disclosed that installing a Supercharger station costs just one-fifth of other networks.  Given the significant amount of funding our government will put into charging infrastructure, we believe that fast charging stations across the U.S. should be based on Tesla’s standards. 

If our country began to support Tesla’s charging standards now, we could begin expanding our infrastructure at a much-reduced cost, saving $4 billion dollars on projected charging infrastructure spending through 2027. Imagine what other EV programs we could support with that $4 billion in savings! 

Aptera Motors via petition on

Back in 2018, Tesla started retrofitting its Supercharger stations with the CCS2 connector because it was the standard across entire Europe. This strategy worked as Tesla started opening its Superchargers for other EVs as well last year.

The same strategy in reverse order (only Tesla connector) for all the electric vehicles in the United States will simplify and smoothen the EV ownership experience in the country.

Let us know what you think of this initiative in the comments section below.

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