Tesla FSD Beta 12.2.1 boasts compelling roundabout driving performance (videos)



It has been around 1 and a half weeks since Tesla started deploying FSD Beta 12 (v12.2.1) to non-employee Tesla owners.

During this time, Tesla owners have been thoroughly testing the self-driving system on their cars and training the AI to improve itself even further in various scenarios.

An FSD Beta tester @EdgeCase411 tested FSD Beta v12.2.1 on a few roundabouts in California. Tesla Autopilot in Full Self-Driving Beta mode has been struggling to complete roundabouts. Even in FSD Beta v11, Chuck Cook faced some unexpected actions from his Tesla Model 3 on roundabouts.

In 2022, Elon Musk said that the Tesla Autopilot team was deeply focused on roundabouts. We are observing the results of this focus after about two years. Full Self-Driving is a super hard nut to crack.

As we reported previously, FSD Beta v12 has improved on U-turns. A roundabout was tested 6 times in the following video, FSD Beta v12.2.1 seems to have made a big leap in understanding and confidently completing this difficult scenario.

Video: Tesla FSD Beta v12.2.1 crossing a roundabout successfully 6 times.
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As we can see in the video above, the Tesla vehicle running on Full Self-Driving Beta v12.2.1 approaches the roundabout naturally — much like a human driver. At the yield sign (painted on the road) the car stopped just as a human would do and keenly observed the roundabout’s environment for right-of-way.

FSD Beta v12.2.1 showed both patience and confidence at this roundabout. It stopped where it had to stop and accelerated where it was appropriate.

This is a complex roundabout where cars are coming from almost every direction with moderate traffic. With varying traffic scenarios in every attempt, FSD Beta v12.2.1 changed its strategy to take the roundabout exit.

In most of the attempts, Tesla FSD Beta v12 went through the roundabout at around 22 – 30 mph. When the car was in the left-most lane, it kept the speed slower and in the right/middle lane, the car went up to 30 mph speed.

In another FSD Beta v12.2.1 experiment, FSD Beta tester Arthur tried it on a smaller roundabout with a tight turning radius. In 2 out of 3 attempts, this roundabout had no traffic. In 1 attempt, it had slight traffic. Tela Autopilot handled both situations easily.

According to the tester, at the same roundabout, the previous FSD Beta v11 did not perform well. It was hesitant at the roundabout and the driver had to intervene to complete the turn. FSD Beta v12.2.1 on the other hand did not need any intervention in both tests (videos above and below).

Video: Testing Tesla FSD Beta v12.2.1 at a roundabout.
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Iqtidar Alihttp://www.teslaoracle.com
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