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Tesla is deeply focused on roundabouts for FSD Beta version 10.13, says Elon Musk (10.12 videos)


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted that the software team working on the company’s Full Self-Driving program is now more focused on perfecting roundabouts for the next FSD Beta release version 10.13.

“We’re going deep on roundabouts! Should get noticeably better with 10.13,” Musk stated in a tweet on Friday. He was responding to a video posted by a Tesla owner who has been testing FSD Beta for a while. This video shows a Tesla vehicle taking a complete u-turn on a roundabout. This Tesla Model S was autonomously running on FSD Beta 10.12 (the current latest version).

Roundabouts and especially the busier roundabouts have been a challenge for Tesla FSD Beta. Sometimes, it completes the turn easily but sometimes the human driver has to intervene for safety as we reported earlier in a set of videos from the FSD Beta 10.11.

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In this specific instance in the video above, the roundabout was fairly smaller, which the Tesla Autopilot undertook pretty confidently. But for larger and more complex roundabouts, FSD Beta needs more training and precision to gain confidence — which Tesla is working on in the FSD Beta 10.13 release.

James Locke who is a Tesla FSD Beta-tester from almost the start of this program back in 2020 says that he is having issues with roundabouts in his area (he lives in Los Angeles but is originally from Canada).

A Canadian beta tester posted a video in this same thread with a complex roundabout at McTavish road. FSD Beta 10.12.2 took the first exit from this complex roundabout with confidence and accuracy.


But in a wide spectrum across the United States and Canada, Tesla needs to train Autopilot AI to perfectly undertake the most complex roundabouts in a variety of scenarios.

Achieving the “significantly safer than human drivers” for Tesla Autopilot, in a final release of Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) is the goal of Elon Musk and his team at Tesla.

It is interesting to see that Tesla is able to push regular updates even in the absence of the head of the Autopilot AI team Andrej Karpathy who is currently on a 4-month sabbatical.

Chris aka Dirty Tesla also shows us how his Tesla Model S on FSD Beta 10.12.2 took one of the most unsafe roundabouts in Michigan with a fair amont of traffic. Comparing it to the previous FSD Beta versions, he thinks this is a “vast improvement”. And Elon Musk says that roundabouts are going to be even better with FSD Beta 10.13.

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