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This custom wrapped Tesla Model Y with the roof racks and matching cargo box looks amazing

Pics and video by Signature Custom Wraps from Florida!


This is the what Signature Custom Wraps call ‘Project Y-NOT’ — yeah, why not — only some custom wrapped cars look that great and in my view this is one of them.

The smurf blue type color is achieved by wrapping this Tesla Model Y in 3M Satin Ocean Shimmer and since Tesla has officially made the Model Y roof racks available in the online shop, why not a matching cargo box to make it look more amazing.

This customization shop specializes in wrapping Teslas and this is their first Tesla Model Y and probably the first customized Tesla Model Y, at least to my knowledge it is.

Signature Custom Wraps applied the following modifications to this Model Y.

  • 3M Satin Ocean Shimmer
  • 22” @vossen HF-4T Satin Silver
  • Airlift Performance / Airdemand Struts
  • XPEL XR Plus Window Tint
  • Ceramic Pro Coating
  • Full Alcantara Headliner
  • Upgraded Performance Dash

The cargo box on top not only matches in color but also fuses with the Tesla Model Y design as well, and in the following video from the custom wrap shop that was reposted on Twitter by @TeslaChillMode with some music has gained a lot of attention from existing and potential Model Y owners.

With 66 cu ft of Tesla Model Y‘s ample storage capacity, only a few owners will need the cargo boxes with the roof racks, probably the ones going on long trips or camping or on a sports adventure like boating.

Last but not the least, some more photos of the Model Y ‘Project Y-Not’ pics that let us look at the roof cargo box closely — after all why not!

Custom Wrapped Tesla Model Y ‘Project Y-Not’ with matching cargo box on the roof. Credits: Signature Custom Wraps.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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