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Tesla phone app lets owners remotely melt snow off their cars (video)


Tesla cars have some super-nice climate features that other carmakers have yet to offer in their cars, like the Dog Mode, Camp Mode, and Preconditioning (heating or cooling) the car using the automaker’s mobile app.

Since these climate features can be turned ON or OFF remotely via the phone app (iOS or Android) — a Tesla car can be cooled or heated without leaving your home or office.

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 recorded a video of his car covered in snow and the car was able to melt the ice on its windshield, glass roof, and windows by using the pre-heating function. Tesla shared this video via the company’s official Twitter account and it went viral in no time.

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If you are wondering how much time that took to melt the ice & snow from the car and making the cabin interior temperature bearable, it takes only a few minutes actually. We covered the video of a Canadian Tesla owner who got his Tesla Model 3 ready to drive after melting the snow over it in just 5 mins — the temperature outside was -34 °C (-29.2 °F) and -24 °C (-11.2 °C).

Another Tesla owner tested how much battery is depleted if the car is left unplugged during a cold winter night with Sentry Mode turned ON. Teslas are great for the winter season despite being electric cars, now with the heat pump introduced in every new Tesla produced, they’re even more efficient in snow and cold.


Being a Silicon Valley-based car company, Elon Musk’s Tesla is taking full advantage of modern software technology to offer never-before-seen features. Via over-the-air (OTA) software updates, Tesla is able to make changes to the features and behavior of its entire global fleet. The legacy automakers have yet to demonstrate this sort of technological ability.

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