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Tesla Cybertruck is on display at the Petersen Auto Museum (pics, videos)


Tesla’s Blade Runneresque Cybertruck is now on display at LA’s Petersen Automotive Museum, to witness this 30x cold-rolled stainless steel shiny beast with your own eyes, a ticket needs to be purchased and the museum will provide a specific time window when you can visit (limits in place due to COVID-19 situation).

Writer Chad Hodge shared the following aerial footage when the Tesla Cybertruck was being unloaded from the special tow truck and pulling up to the Petersen Museum.

The people visiting the museum have a chance to look at the Cybertruck up close and personal, an excellent video coverage by @TechnologyExpo/YouTube showed us the clear view of the Cybertruck charge port location for the first time, it is behind the driver side rear-wheel arch, very angular in shape as the rest of the pickup truck.

Tesla Cybertruck charge port location (flap closed). Credits: TechnologyExpo/YouTube (video below).

Tesla enthusiasts are posting the pics and videos from their visit to the Petersen Museum on social media and sharing their emotions and expectations from this monster pickup truck that Elon Musk said will come in handy when the apocalypse comes, you’ll be glad that you bought the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck at the Petersen Museum has become the center of attention for the visitors and as more and more Tesla lovers are becoming aware of its presence there, they are planning to visit and feel the Cybertruck first-hand — however, at the entrance, the museum has already displayed the ‘capacity is full’ notice.

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The Tesla Cybertruck drove-through The Boring Company’s 1.2-mile test tunnel in Hawthorne on one of the Jay Leno’s Garage episode which aired last month, the thing looked amazing cruising the tunnel.

As the time to start the Cybertruck production is coming close, Tesla is actively looking for the next Gigafactory location, reportedly the Tesla Cybertruck has more than 500,000 pre-orders that pushed Tesla to prioritize the production of the Cybertruck and postpone Tesla Roadster production to 2022.

Just to get a bit more excited about the Cybertruck, I dug out the following video from the Cybertruck unveiling night, when Elon Musk showed a 1/4-mile drag race video between the Tesla Cybertruck and the 2020 Porsche 911 — besides giving the 911 a headstart, the Cybertruck won the race with is extreme instantaneous acceleration and a 0-60 mph time of 2.9s (Dual-Motor variant).

The mainstream press mostly covered the Cybertruck broken glass that day, totally ignoring this amazing stuff that needs to instill fear in traditional automotive companies.

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