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First look at the Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory location in Austin, TX


The debate of the next Tesla Gigafactory location is again heating up since the ‘Tesla Chapter 313 Application for Appraised Value Limitation on Qualified Property’ to the Del Valle Independent School District surfaced online (full PDF below) — in short, if approved and Tesla decides to build the Cybertruck Gigafactory at the location, the automaker will be able to get tax rebates of $14.65 million over the period of next ten years.

Tesla will get this tax break only if the proposed manufacturing plant is able to create 5,000 jobs at this facility within the next 10 years and will still pay $7 million in taxes over this period.

According to Tesla’s 313 application, the location Tesla is interested in building its next manufacturing plant is Austin Green Property located at the intersection of State Highway 130 and Harold Green Road, according to a KXAN report, the Cybertruck Gigafactory at this location could stretch 4 to 5 million sq ft (92 to 114 acres).

The Vice President of Tesla Owners Club of Austin Gail Afar posted some on-ground pictures and a short video clip of this location and I am grateful that he tagged me in the post along with friends from CleanTechnica and Teslarati.

Johnna Crider from CleanTechnia still thinks that Tesla hasn’t broken Tulsa’s heart yet, there is still hope for them, one of the most enthusiastic Tulsa residents want this Gigafactory to become their pride and an economic activity generator.

According to the Austin news website, the land is currently a sand and gravel mining site with a concrete plant owned and operated by Martin Marieta — we can witness the concrete mixer trucks in the background of the following photos and Martin Marietta signboard as well.

The current concrete batch plant will be re-located if Tesla chooses this location for the next Gigafactory that will also be producing Tesla Model Y compact electric SUVs later down the road.
Credits: @Gaelic_Neilson / Twitter

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Del Valle ISD’s Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle released the following statement on Twitter expressing the excitement of a Tesla Gigafactory coming to their school district, she wrote:

On behalf of our students and teachers, we are excited by the prospect of a company of this magnitude coming to our district. This type of partnership could provide our students authentic, rigorous, and practical internship, apprenticeship, and work-study programs in the areas of robotics,  engineering, manufacturing, and STEM. Our focus has always been ensuring that our children have robust and successful futures. The addition of a company who has the ability to support our community both economically and academically would be advantageous for our students and accelerate our efforts to mentor and develop the workforce of the next generation.

Dr. Annette Tielle on Twitter

Some Tesla news blogs posted this as a confirmation of the selection of Austin as the Cybertruck Gigafactory but Tesla CEO Elon Musk denied this and said that Tesla is still considering several options.

Houston and Tulsa are the other two cities that are actively pursuing Tesla to build their next gigantic manufacturing plant in their city to boost the local employment, education, and economy — hopefully this race will end soon as Tesla finalizes the best location for this factory.

Tesla’s Application to Del Valle ISD:


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