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Artist imagines Apocalypse era civilian and military Cybertrucks (renders, video)


Tesla Cybertruck will be the ideal vehicle in the era of the Apocalypse as the company’s CEO Elon Musk has said multiple times. Bearing that concept in mind, graphics designer Jan Peisert has rendered some armored Cybertrucks with civil and military purposes in mind.

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck’s 30x cold-rolled stainless steel body is bullet-proof against a 9mm handgun, Elon Musk also demonstrated this in his presentation at the Cybertruck unveiling last year. This along with the armored glass makes Cybertruck a perfect fit for the Apocalyptic era.

The interesting renders by the artist take things a little further but in a creative manner. The interesting thing about these concepts is that the artist also illustrated the concept designs with the blueprint diagrams as well.

We want to be leaders in Apocalypse technology.

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Civil Cybertruck – Plaid Apocalypse

This is the Tesla Cybertruck concept that the civilians would use in the apocalypse era — with additional bumpers on the side, an extended front bumper, further reinforced armored glass on the windows and roof.

With the Tri-Motor Plaid powertrain, this Cybertruck is also the ideal machine to escape from a difficult situation using 500+ miles of range and a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds that is even faster than a Tesla Model 3 or a Porsche 911.

Apocalypse Cybertruck with Civil configuration blueprint diagram. Credits: Peisert Design / YouTube.

The most interesting bit in this one is the foldable solar panel on the roof that can provide enough energy while hiding for long periods of time, especially in the sunny deserts where there is plenty of sunlight available for free charging.

Apocalypse Cybertruck – Civil configuration side view (expanded solar panel). Credits: Peisert Design / YouTube.
Apocalypse Cybertruck – Civil configuration front view. Credits: Peisert Design / YouTube.

The goal was to make Cybertruck look like a futuristic battle tank.

Elon Musk on Automotive News Podcast
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Military Cybertruck Concepts

Apocalypse or not, the stainless steel Cybertruck is a great fit for the needs of the military. We are not 100% sure but governments around the world must be looking close to replace their military vehicles with this futuristic machine.

The artist literally rendered a battle tank out of the Cybertruck design in the following photos and video, pretty interesting.

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