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Elon Musk’s SpaceX secures a $1.9B funding round


These are the good news days for Elon Musk, after hitting a record high Tesla (TSLA) share price of $1,911.31 yesterday, his private space exploration venture SpaceX has secured its largest funding round of $1.9 billion, Reuters reports.

Bloomberg, who is familiar with the matter reported that 75 different investors have taken part in this SpaceX funding round. To date, this is the largest funding that SpaceX has received.

According to SpaceX’s regulatory filing of this funding round with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (PDF below), SpaceX had originally offered $2,066,446,620 USD worth of equity and preferred stock for sale and until yesterday $1,901,446,920 USD has been sold from the offered amount.

Around $165 million of equity and the preferred stock amount is still up for grabs. The $1.9B financial injection to SpaceX has escalated the company’s value to $46 billion, making it one of the most valuable privately held companies of the U.S.

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SpaceX $2B SEC Filing

Source: U.S. SEC

This huge funding round is the fruit of the successful NASA-SpaceX Demo-2 human flight mission to the International Space Station and return of the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

SpaceX is currently testing multiple prototypes of the company’s next spaceship named ‘Starship’ aimed at taking a manned mission around the moon in 2023, the project codenamed ‘#dearMoon‘.

Musk shared the interesting video of SpaceX’s recovery vessel Ms. Tree catching the fairing half after yesterday’s Falcon-9 launch which had 58 Starlink satetllites and 3 Panet’s SkySats aboard (same setup as the previous Falcon-9 launch).

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