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This orange-wrapped Tesla Model Y is a sure head-turner (gallery)


I love custom-wrapped Teslas, especially when the customization is done in a unique color or pattern. I cannot deny that yellow and orange are my favorite colors and the orange-wrapped Tesla Model Y in this featured post is the one you cannot ignore.

Naveen Sharma (@djnaveensharma) is a wedding DJ from Michigan and the owner of this beautiful orange Model Y. When he posted a picture of his vehicle in a Tesla Model Y Facebook group, it suddenly caught my attention. The next thing I did is asked Naveen for some more pics and details, and he was courteous enough to help my eyes take a full feast of this beast.

Before the wrap, this was a white Tesla Model Y as we can see in the following picture.

White Tesla Model Y before getting wrapped in the orange color.
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After getting the custom orange wrap from Superior Dent Repair & Detailing, this beauty turned into what it looks like in the following photos.

Orange-wrapped Tesla Model Y (front side view). Credits: DJ Naveen Sharma (posted with written permission).
Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y side profile view from the rear.

Before we move on to the next pics, there are some details of this orange wrap I wanted to share. The orange color seen on this Tesla Model Y is called “Urban Orange Gloss” and the hex code is HX20495B.

It took $2,400 and one week to get the Model Y wrapped in this glossy orange color and a ceramic coating over it for protection.

Color card for the orange wrapped Tesla Model Y. Urban Orange Gloss / HX20495B.

Here’s more eye candy of the orange-wrapped Model Y, and I know you want it.

Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y front fascia.
Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y rear fascia.
Orange wrapped Tesla Model Y full side profile view.

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