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Meet ‘Stormbreaker’, the Orange-wrapped Tesla Model 3

This modified car is pure eye candy!


If this car doesn’t boost your craving for Teslas and oranges, what will? Looking at this orange-wrapped Tesla Model 3 increases my appetite for both, significantly!

This Model 3 is also wrapped by Signature Custom Wraps who did the job on the blue Model Y wrap we featured earlier this week, they again did an awesome job this time.

The owner of this orange-wrapped Model 3 @Blitzfire911 said he was inspired by a friend’s Tesla Model 3 which was also wrapped in the same color.

Orange wrapped Tesla Model 3 – side profile view from the rear. Credits: @Blitzfire911 / Twitter. All pics were posted with permission.

A beautiful video of the car getting foam applied at the car wash is also a thing to look at, a better experience when you play it in a loop.

To me, this is an even better-looking wrap than the Yellow Tesla Model 3 that I covered a couple of years ago, the owner even removed the stock Tesla T emblem from the hood and installed his personal wordmark ‘B’ in black, orange, and black is such a great contrast that is very visible in these pics.

Tangerine Dream by Oracal is the actual name of the wrap color applied to this Tesla Model 3 — according to the owner, just the wrap job on this vehicle cost him $3,500 — the total cost of all the current customizations on this car is $10,000 that includes the following in addition to the tangerine wrap:

The story does not end here, the car is waiting to get a body kit, carbon fiber hood, air suspension, and full underglow neon lights — that’s another set of customizations worth $11k+, after that this would be a badass street racer EV.

You can browse tons of more pics of this Model 3 on the owner’s Instagram.

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