Giga Casting Model Y Videos

Watch the world’s biggest casting machine in action at the Tesla Model Y factory in Fremont


There’s a reason why it is called the Giga Casting machine, according to Elon Musk and Tesla, the giant die-casting machine seen in the following video is the world’s biggest of its kind. Currently, there are two of these gigantic die cast machines installed and working at the Tesla Fremont factory.

These machines were first seen in a drone video shoot a few weeks before Tesla Battery Day. Now Tesla has revealed some inside look that gives us an idea of how these massive mechanical giants work.

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Due to the lack of space inside the Fremont factory floor, Tesla has installed these machines out in the open area of the factory premises. The Silicon Valley-based automaker is known for quick solutions like installing production lines under the tents at the time Tesla Model 3 production hell back in 2018.

These machines as we can see in the video are built for producing Tesla Model Y-front and rear underbody single-piece castings, a solution that has given Tesla vehicle production speed and lower cost of manufacturing.

Multiple robots attached to the Tesla Giga Casting machine give a glimpse of Elon Musk‘s Alien Dreadnought concept. Alien Dreadnought is when machines making the machines is achieved without human interference and autonomously.

Tesla Model Y production plant at the Gigafactory Shanghai also has these Giga Casting machines, so Made-in-China Model SUVs are also made with single-piece die-casts underbody.

Tesla Model Y Giga Die-Cast machines at Gigafactory Shanghai, China. Source: Tesla Q4 2020 results report PDF.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin will have 8 of these Giga Casting machines, the most any of the Gigafactories around the world have or will have in the near future.

Giga Berlin will be starting the plant with Model Y production, creating competition in the mid-size SUV and the electric vehicle markets at the same time. Tesla Model Y prices in Europe are expected to go down as local production ramps up later this year and the next.

Tesla is working on an even bigger casting machine that will cast the entire car’s frame in a single piece, Elon Musk recently hinted.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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Great exposure many thanks.
My understanding on Giga Press is that the UNIBODY PRESS is slated for Model 2 to include both ends and a tight fit Battery compartment BUT the Cybertruck pressing demand has led to an order for an even bigger press , some 20 tons heavier than current.

Thats some amazing tech Iqatidar, should be a breeze to engineer the magntic-field to attract carbon or implant the properties with a laservstyle application. If a laser can take on properties of whats place in a magnetic-field like plasma that already happened surely the laser can apply properties to the field also? Clean efficient and instant carbon collection from the atmospher. I couldnt see anyone else capable of organising or financing and connecting the right minds to task . With a large part being laser and only a hand of of capable magnetic-field engineers

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