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Footings for the Giga Casting machines at Giga Berlin are being prepared


The construction work at Gigafactory Berlin is moving ahead at a fast pace — and with several buildings taking shape simultaneously, the foundations for the casting area are also laid out. According to the layout plan of the casting area, Tesla will commission 8 Giga Casting machines at Giga Berlin.

Eight giant casting machines are shown in the Gigafactory Berlin factory’s casting area layout plan diagram.

If we take a look at the above layout diagram and compare it with the following drone photo from yesterday, we can see that the footings for the Giga Casting machines have almost completed.

Giga Casting area at the Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg as of 10/18/2020. Credits: @gigafactory_4 / Twitter. Click/Tap to zoom-in.
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Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin will be the first automotive manufacturing plant ever to introduce full-fledged car production involving giant die-cast machines.

These Giga Casting machines will first be used to make Tesla Model Y-front and rear single-piece underbody castings. The net result of Giga Casting will be less complicated, cost-effective, and faster car production. The single-piece die-casts will make Tesla cars more rigid and safer when coupled with the Structural Battery.

Giga casting footings at Gigafactory Berlin. Credits: Tobias Lindh / YouTube. Click/Tap to zoom-in.
Reinforcement steel cage work being carried out on Giga Casting machine footings at Giga Berlin as of 10/18/2020. Credits: Tobias Lindh / YouTube. Click/Tap to zoom-in.

Giga Berlin observer Tobias Lindh took some impressive drone footage taken from right above the Giga Casting area on the weekend. I have set the video playback to start where the casting area footage starts.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin work progress as of 10/17/2020. Source: Tobias Lindh / YouTube.

Recently Elon Musk announced that in addition to Giga Castings for the Model Y, Giga Berlin will also be incorporating the 4680 cells and Structural Battery.

On his visit to Germany, the billionaire CEO hinted that the Model Y manufacturing at Giga Berlin will revolutionize how cars are manufactured today. The cat came out of the bag at Tesla Battery Day last month when Elon Musk demonstrated Giga Casting, 4680 cells, and a lot more in his presentation.

Another drone video of Giga Berlin by @gigafactory_4 from this past Friday also gives us a good visual report on the progress of the revolutionary car manufacturing plant, the most amazing and advanced car factory in the world is under development.

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