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Elon Musk literally nailed the SNL May 8 show (watch all skits)


The highly anticipated Elon Musk guest-hosting the Saturday Night Live on NBC was a success. The hype was justified by Musk’s opening monologue and his funny performance in other segments as well.

The Monologue

Musk made an interesting new revelation about himself in the starting monologue remarks that he suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. This neurodevelopmental disorder is a setback to one’s social interaction abilities but also is a blessing in disguise as it gives the patient an extreme focus on topics of his or her interests.

This extreme focus is behind Elon Musk’s extraordinary success. Re-inventing electric cars, the Mars mission, and making life multi-planetary just needed this much deep involvement and concentration in pursuing these goals.

Elon Musk’s illustrious mother Maye Musk also joined him in the monologue segment and told the story of how he earned $500 by making a video game when he was just a child. Since Musk could not open a bank account at the time, his mother had to do it for him to receive the payment.

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Interestingly, Musk’s childhood video game was named Blastar in which a spaceship battles aliens — fast-forward 3+ decades and Musk’s SpaceX is actually making a spaceship named Starship.

“I am excited for my Mother’s Day gift, I just hope it’s not Dogecoin,” said Maye Musk — however, this mention was not able to pump the price of DOGE to $1 — how ironic.

According to a report by Variety, Elon Musk’s appearance has lifted SNL ratings as this has been the 3rd most popular show of this season. There are fun and witty moments in the monologue, let’s watch it first.

Chad on Mars

“I am in-charge of the whole Mars colonization project,” says Elon Musk to Chad, an astronaut on Mars who volunteers himself for a suicide mission. Chad does not seem to know who Elon Musk is, huh funny.

Chad has to save the Mars colony by fixing the life-support system. He successfully accomplishes this without any damage to himself but, a Chad that he is, he removes his helmet and instantly dies, just to show his heroic face to the world.

Financial Expert Lloyd Ostertag (Elon Musk) on Cryptocurrency

Elon Musk played the character of a financial expert named Llyod Ostertag aka The Dogefather. Musk had hinted at this character last month in one of his tweets. Lloyd educates his audience about cryptocurrency and how it works.

The Dogefather tries to answer the burning question of “what’s Dogecoin?” but looks like the other hosts and audience is still not able to understand. “It’s a hustle,” concludes all hosts including the Dogefather.


Cowboy Standoff

This segment is about Elon Musk’s Boring Company and his genius plan to come out of tunnels and surprise the rival gang. But the wild west does not seem to agree with these ideas and prefers the old-school guns-for-guns strategy.

Wario (Super Mario)

Wario (Elon Musk / Evil Mario) is allegedly facing a court of law where Super Mario’s brother Luigi tries to prove that Wario is responsible for Mario’s murder. However, Wario has a lawyer by his side who tries to prove otherwise.

Musk said in a tweet that this was his favorite segment on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Gen Z Hospital

Bro, Bruh, Bro, Bro — it’s all about Gen Z and doctor Musk!

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