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Tesla Cybertruck spotted at the Times Square NYC ahead of Musk’s SNL appearance


Tesla’s futuristic electric pickup truck and the ultimate polarizer in the automotive world, the Cybertruck was just spotted at the famous Times Square NYC late last evening.

Cybertruck has embarked in New York because its creator and engineer Elon Musk is going to be making an appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) today May 8.

Cybertruck in this picture demonstrates the perfect futuristic Blade Runner theme in NYC’s modern and dark theme with neon signs all around. Perhaps, the Cybertruck is in its natural habitat.

Tesla Cybertruck spotted at Times Square NYC. Photo by Eric Rihlmann / Twitter. Original pic retouched for brightness and clarity.
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Musk also appreciated this photo, “Great pic,” he tweeted. Eric also posted a couple of short videos of the Cybertruck passing through Times Square in Manhattan. It did turn a lot of heads as we can see in the following footage — the hype is real.


Tesla officially posted a short video of the Cybertruck roaming the streets of NYC as well. It does look like it was made for a perfect NYC late-night excursion.

Tesla Cybertruck and a red Model 3 side-by-side in NYC. Photo by Albert C. Lee / Twitter.

Another Tesla enthusiast Albert C. Lee tracked the Cybertruck in NYC and took several pictures and a few videos of the stainless steel giant at multiple locations.

A red Model 3 is seen side-by-side with the Cybertruck in the above photo and a white Model Y is coming from behind. Elon Musk must be riding in the Cybertruck as these security cars cover him on his NYC trip.


The Cybertruck prototype was last seen at Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin, Texas when Elon Musk visited to check the progress of the manufacturing plant last month. Giga Texas will be the first Tesla factory to start production of the Cybertruck, estimated to happen as early as late this year.

Elon Musk is expected to talk about Dogecoin at today’s Saturday Night Live TV show and DOGE holders are anticipating the underdog crypto coin price to rise as far as $1.

Musk briefly talked about his SNL appearance when he was surrounded by fans and journalists on an NYC street earlier this week, an interesting short interview it was.

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Tesla Cybertruck on showcase at an NYC showroom (walkthrough video).



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