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Watch these guys build the ultimate Tesla Model 3 off-roader


This off-road capable Model 3 is one of the wildest modifications to a Tesla car we have seen through the years, the last one at this level was Simone Giertz’s Truckla (a Tesla Model 3 converted to a pickup truck).

Two YouTube channels both with 1 million+ subscribers each have contributed to this project using their technical expertise with a strong sponsor backing the project. These guys converted a wrecked Tesla Model 3 AWD into a fully capable off-road vehicle with a sticker on the rear window saying “Nice Jeep… Peasant”.

This modified Tesla Model 3 off-roader has all the bells and whistles of a professional off-road machine — roll cage, lift, winch — you just name it.

YouTubers Rich Rebuilds (L) and Grind Hard Plumbing Co (R) show off their modified Tesla Model 3 EV off-roader (full videos of the off-road conversion project below).
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Tesla Model 3 or any Tesla electric vehicle is primarily not meant for off-roading, even the flagship Tesla Model X SUV is not recommended for off-road use, these cars are built for the road.

However, with the Cybertruck in the pipeline, Tesla owners will be able to enjoy off-roading adventures in a sock Tesla vehicle.

This wrecked All-Wheel Drive Model 3 had been damaged from the front. Rich and the guys purchased in an online bid since they did not want to ruin a perfectly new car. This Model 3 had only clocked around 17,000 miles (27,359 km) on the odometer so the white interior, side, and rear body structure was in mint condition.

Components added or replaced

The following components were either added to the car or the stock components were replaced with aftermarket parts.

  • Radiator
  • Condenser
  • Control arms
  • Tie Rod
  • Added wheel spacers
  • New tires for off-roading
  • Added spacers to shock absorbers / struts

With the stock 18″ tires, there was only about 3 quarters of an inch of distance between the top of the tire and the control arm. The engineering team added spacers to the wheels to adjust the wider off-roading tires.

Only 3 quarters of an inch of distance between the Tesla Model 3 AWD front tire and the control arm.
Tesla Model Y custom-made 2.5″ wheel spacers for the 18″ wheel and wider off-road tires.

Other Mods

  • Removed the damaged bumper
  • Added a 12,000 lbs winch
  • Removed partially damaged front frame colums
  • Welded a custom tube bumper with three steel pipes
  • Added a roll cage
  • Removed the stock sway bar
  • Added custom LED headlamps (ultra-bright for off-road adventures in the dark)
  • Removed an area of the hood for the radiator to breathe additional air
  • Added hood pins for extra grip of the hood during off-road driving and bumps

Let’s watch how these guys did it in the video below. The editing and music are also great in this coverage of 3 days at the workshop and it’s hard to take your attention off the screen when this interesting project is progressing.

Rich has just uploaded another video from his perspective, I have posted that one as well after the first one.


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