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A rare look inside Tesla Gigafactory Berlin shows a tremendous amount of progress


A couple of videos of the inside of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg have surfaced online via the local media TV. These videos show the inside of the ultra-large car manufacturing plant for the first time since Tesla inserted the first pile-driver on-site in May last year.

We consistently cover the progress of Giga Berlin construction and important updates from time to time but all we could see is the stuff done from the outside. For the first time, Tesla has allowed a media team to cover its European Model Y manufacturing plant from the inside.

Video: Tesla Model Y stamping press area at Gigafactory Berlin. Credits:
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Considering the magnitude of this massive project, the speed of development by the Tesla Germany employees is commendable. In about 16 months, the factory looks like it is almost ready to start Model Y production in a few months.

β€œWe expect to be producing new design of the Model Y in both factories (Giga Texas, and Giga Berlin) in limited production later this year,” Elon Musk said in his opening remarks during the Tesla Q2 2021 earnings call.

By β€œnew design” he means that the Model Y electric SUVs produced at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin will have the single-piece front and rear underbody castings while the Model Ys produced at the Fremont factory will only have the rear underbody castings for some time.


Just yesterday we reported a few leaked images of the test production lines at Gigafactory Austin, Texas show that this car plant is almost ready to start initial production of the Model Y later this year. Both of these Tesla factories in the United States and Europe will be ramping up production until next year to cater to the escalating demand for Tesla Model Y cars in their respective regions.

There were more than 10 Model Y body frames spotted at Giga Berlin by local observers @GF4Tesla and Tobias Lindh last week. Since these are most probably imported from the Fremont factory in the United States, they were fully covered.

Later on, these body frames were not found in the latest drone videos β€” most probably taken inside the factory for machine calibration and robot training.

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Video: Tesla Gigafactory Berlin construction progress drone footage as of August 07, 2021.

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