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Leaked images from Giga Texas show Tesla Model Y production progress


Preparation of the Tesla Model Y production at the automaker’s Gigafactory Texas has gained momentum lately. A few images from inside Giga Texas have leaked via a local observer Joe Tegtmeyer. These images show that a test vehicle production line is now functional at this car manufacturing plant.

Last week, Joe got a tip from one of his sources that Giga Texas will roll out its first test and calibration Tesla Model Y electric SUV this week. The following image that Joe has sourced from Tesla’s vehicle plant in Austin, Texas is from early August (last week). This image shows that a couple of Model Y test vehicle body frames are in line at the body shop.

Production of Model Y test vehicles at Gigafactory Texas in progress. The picture was taken in early August 2021. Credits: Joe Tegtmeyer / Twitter.

If we closely look at the image above, we see that the Model Y frame outside the body shop has a primer coat applied to it. But the frame inside the body shop is still metal, probably going to get a primer applied to it next.

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The following image which was taken in early July also shows a Model Y body frame with the primer coat. Looks like there are several frames in this early batch getting the primer applied one by one.

Tesla Model Y body frame on the test vehicle production line at Giga Texas from early July 2021. Credits: Joe Tegtmeyer / Twitter.

Not just inside the factory but there is also a lot of activity going on outside the vehicle plant as well. Tesla is constructing a test track at Gigafactory Texas as well. In the near future, we will be witnessing some very interesting Cybertruck acceleration on this test track.

In his latest drone flyover video from Giga Texas, Joe has created the following infographic of the factory using the Google Maps’ satellite view. He has marked the entire area, sub-areas, and current building on the map with specific areas covered by each facility like the Model Y factory, the battery cathode plant, and more.


This is a very helpful image to understand the location of each facility and building inside the automaker’s huge Gigafactory in Austin, TX.

Locations and area in acres & hectares of each facility, factory, and buildings currently being worked or allocated at Gigafactory Texas. Phase I = Tesla Model Y factory. Credits: Joe Tegtmeyer / YouTube (full video below with info and drone footage from Aug 07, 2021).

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