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Tesla Cybertruck spotted with removable side mirrors, final design to be revealed at production start


A short new video of the Tesla Cybertruck has been making rounds on social media and YouTube that shows it’s having side view mirrors. This is the first time that the Cybertruck prototype has been spotted with the side mirrors since the day of its unveiling back in 2019.

The current regulations in the United States require a vehicle to have side mirrors, having only cameras for side view is not yet allowed on public roads.

Although this prototype has been driven by Elon Musk from California to Texas to New York without the side view mirrors, this time, it seems like some testing with having them on the electric pickup truck.

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The video is a bit blurry but shows that the Cybertruck prototype actually has the side-view mirrors installed. The location of this testing is Merced County Castle Airport which is a local airport in California. Tesla is probably also testing the Cybertruck turning radius and the 4-wheel steering (crab mode) in this open space.

Or perhaps Tesla is complying with the law here to avoid any problems during testing because, with the current NHTSA senior appointments, the outlook for Tesla is not looking good.

“They’re required by law, but designed to be easy to remove by owners,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet explaining the need and nature of these side-view mirrors.


Tesla is not just getting rid of the side mirrors, a detailed look at the interior of the Cybertruck from the unveil evening also showed that even the rear-view mirror is a screen using a camera feed to look behind the vehicle.

The tech-centered automaker has recently acquired a patent that will eliminate the need for windshield wipers. This technology will be used to wipe off debris from the windscreen, headlights, and cameras using lasers.

“Cybertruck will especially not be shown in final form until production is imminent,” Tesla leadership said during the Q3 2021 Earnings Call yesterday. This means that Tesla will not be displaying a Cybertruck prototype with the new design changes to the public until the production starts.

Most of these changes will be added to the interior and other features of the Cybertruck, the exterior is mostly going to be the same as the prototype.

Gigafactory Texas is in preparations to start Model Y production as early as the end of this year and the Cybertruck production has moved to next year (2022).

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By Iqtidar Ali

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