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Tesla is making Model Y at Giga Texas with the structural battery and 4680 cells, confirms Elon Musk


Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) released its Q4 2021 and 2021 yearly earnings reports yesterday. The automaker conducted the quarterly earnings call and Q&A webcast yesterday as well. Surprisingly and interestingly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined the call which he has not been attending for a couple of previous quarters (listen to the entire recording below).

Since this was a historic year at Tesla in terms of vehicle production and deliveries, everyone expected great financial results and profits. Musk and his Tesla did not disappoint the investors and enthusiasts who have aligned their mission with the company’s vision of sustainable energy and transport.

As we all know, Elon Musk makes some good revelations during these calls for sure, we will be covering them one by one but at this time we will talk only about Model Y in relation to Giga Texas and Giga Berlin.

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“We’re making quite a few cars in Giga Texas and Berlin, so, in Texas, we are building Model Ys with the structural battery pack and the 4680 cells. And we will start delivering after the final certification of the vehicle which should be fairly soon,” Musk made some confirmations during his opening remarks of the Q4 2021 Earnings Call.

We spotted a Model Y body frame with space for the structural battery pack lying at Tesla Gigafactory Texas just a couple of weeks ago. This sighting confirmed the structural pack but there was no official affirmation of the use of 4680 cells. Now, it has been stamped by Elon Musk that the Tesla Model Y electric SUVs made at Giga Texas have both the structural battery pack and 4680 cells.

For Giga Berlin, Tesla had already confirmed the structural pack and 4680 cells at the Giga Fest event held at the Berlin factory. In addition to this, these Model Ys will have both the front and rear underbody mega castings as well.

The Q4 2021 and year 2021 report PDF also shared some photos of the limited Model Ys being built at both Giga Texas and Giga Berlin.

Tesla Model Y General Assembly line at Gigafactory Texas (picture from Q4 2021 report). Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Tesla Model Y paint shop at Gigafactory Austin, Texas. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Attaching seats to a structural battery pack in a Tesla Model Y at Giga Texas. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Giga Berlin-made Tesla Model Y getting inspected for quality control. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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Listen to Tesla Q4 2021 and Year 2021 Earnings Call by Elon Musk

As always, thanks to my co-workers and friends over at CleanTechnica for producing a clear voice and marked version of the Tesla earnings call.


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