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Tesla Model Y body frame with space for structural battery spotted at Giga Texas, paint shop modules delivered


Some important developments at Tesla Gigafactory Austin, Texas have taken place this morning. Tesla has delivered important production and manufacturing components to the factory today, most significantly the parts for the paint shop.

During the drone video recording earlier today, Giga Texas local observer and reporter Joe Tegtmeyer saw some new deliveries happening at the factory. A red Model Y body frame was laying outside the Model Y manufacturing building, later on, to be taken inside the factory.

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Tesla Model Y body frame with space for structural battery, laying outside the Model Y factory building at Giga Texas. Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer / Twitter.

Looking closely at the above Model Y body frame picture we can see that the floor area of the car is totally empty. This suggests that this area is left for the installation of a structural battery pack. According to Elon Musk’s Battery Day presentation, the structural battery pack will have Tesla’s new 4680 cells in it.

Some Tesla enthusiasts thought this Model Y body frame in red is the new Crimson Red color that Tesla is going to introduce in Europe for Giga Berlin-made Model Ys. But to me, this looks like an under-layer of the Multi-Coat red color that is already available globally. Pour in your thoughts in the comments section below.

Giga Texas paint shop parts delivered in modules. Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer / Twitter.

One more interesting development at Giga Texas today was the delivery of the paint shop modules. The semi-trailers we see in the above photo are carrying modules 4 modules (1-4, from left to right). Spanish infrastructure company Cedinsa has delivered these modules as we can see by the writings on the cargo.

Musk has said multiple times that the Giga Berlin paint shop will be the most advanced at any Tesla Gigafactory, the one at Giga Texas should be as advanced because both factories are being developed almost simultaneously.

This means that the Model Y paint shop still hasn’t been completed as of today. This might take another few days or weeks of the Model Y production getting delayed at Giga Texas.

Just last week, the rumors were that Tesla is going to start production at Giga Texas in 7-10 days but this doesn’t seem likely at this point. However, the Model Y production start seems obvious in Q1 2022.

If the Model Y electric SUVs made at Giga Texas will have the structural battery and 4680 cells, everyone would want a Texas-made Model Y instead of the Fremont one. This might create some issues for the automaker as there has already been a 4680 cell production line set up at Giga Texas.

Just yesterday we reported that IDRA has delivered the 4th 6000-ton Model Y Giga Press to Giga Texas. The paint shop and the Giga Casting machine should be the final pieces of the puzzle of Model Y production at Giga Texas.

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