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Tesla starts sending invites for the Giga Texas Giga Fest party, names it the Cyber Rodeo


Tesla CEO Elon Musk just confirmed on Twitter that the date for the Giga Texas factory tour and the party is 7th April 2022. The automaker has picked Cyber Rodeo as the name for this event keeping the Texas cultural and historical background in mind.

Musk had already announced the most probable date for this Giga Texas event last month but has now confirmed it.

Tesla has also started sending a colorful Cyber Rodeo Giga Texas invitation email to Tesla owners, investors, and social media influencers to join the event.

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Tesla Cyber Rodeo Giga Texas invitation email. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. / Elon Musk.

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The design of the Cyber Rodeo sign is particularly interesting. The green background of the email flyer is like something we saw in matrix movies to make it look futuristic.

Then in blue neon lights, Tesla has put the map of the state of Texas over the greenish background. Cyber Rodeo is written in red neon lights and Giga Texas under it with yellow surrounded by a sea-green neon light rectangular octagon (the shape of the Model Y factory at Giga Texas).

The address of Gigafactory Texas is also printed on this email which is “1 Tesla Road, Austin, TX”. 7th April, the date follows just underneath.

Memes start pouring in the Cyber Rodeo-related threads on Twitter.

Traditionally, a Rodeo sporting event is where cowboys and cowgirls show their sporting skills with horses and cows.

But Tesla Cyber Rodeo is going to be a bit different event. Where Tesla owners will bring their Tesla EVs and the Austin-based automaker will bring out the Cybertruck prototype(s).

During the live question and answers session at Giga Berlin Model Y delivery event earlier this week, Elon Musk clarified that Cybertruck production will begin next year (2023). “We want to complete the development of Cybertruck this year and be ready for production next year,” Musk said.

Additionally, lucky attendees (reportedly around 15,000) will be able to visit the Model Y factory and especially witness the 4680 cell production line in person.

We will most probably know a concrete date for the first customer deliveries of Giga Texas-made Model Y electric SUVs when Elon Musk talks to the audience at Cyber Rodeo.

However, a couple of car carrier semi-trucks were seen loaded with Model Y cars leaving Giga Texas yesterday. But there is no confirmation on if they were actually customer cars or close-to-production testing prototypes.


What to wear at Cyber Rodeo

On a side note, our friend, follower, and Tesla influencer Gail Alfar from Austin, Texas has found the following list of what might be the best to wear on the occasion of the Tesla Cyber Rodeo:

  • Cowboy boots or moccasins
  • Blue jeans or jean skirt
  • Cowboy hat
  • Long or short sleeve button or snap western shirt
  • Leather belt and belt buckle (you can buy the Giga Texas belt buckle from the official shop)
  • Statement jewelry
Tesla Giga Texas Belt Buckle with “Don’t Mess With T (Tesla)” wordmark. Credit: Gail Alfar / Twitter.

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11 replies on “Tesla starts sending invites for the Giga Texas Giga Fest party, names it the Cyber Rodeo”

We bought a Tesla Y and took delivery in Dallas, TX, on 8 December 2021. Also, I have invested in Tesla stock. I wonder what I can do to get invited to the Rodeo.

In my opinion, post a super nice picture of your Tesla Model Y on Twitter, tag Elon and Tesla’s official account and some other influential Tesla accounts like K10, Sawyer Merritt, Earl of Frunkpuppy, Gail Alfar, and me. Repeat if unsuccessful at the first attempt.

I live locally. Tesla is a new neighbor. What can us locals do to be included in the event?

Mary, I’m wondering the same thing. But if Lawrence above wanted a space, since he actually bought one before this was even announced, and seems to be a real fan — I’d give my local ticket to them. (I would love to go too though)

I am just going to show up and act cool. This is awesome. Super excited for Cyber Truck

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