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Hertz adds Tesla Model Y to its EV fleet after ordering 100K Model 3 cars last year


Multinational car rental corporation Hertz has now added the new Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD to its electric fleet. Hertz had placed a huge order of 100,000 Tesla Model 3 cars for its initial EV rental fleet last year.

Although there is no official word from either Hertz or Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) about how many Model Y mid-size electric SUVs have been ordered — expectedly the actual number would be in thousands.

Hertz has dedicated an entire section of the company’s website related to information about Tesla and its Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles.

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Hertz has also posted the specs of the Tesla Model Y they are using for the company’s rental fleet (screenshot below). Hertz is advertising 330 miles as the range for its rental Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD. This is 12 miles more than the one available for general buyers in the Tesla Online Studio.

This is the same range number that appeared on the EPA website around the middle of this month. Perhaps Tesla did not launch this new Model Y Long Range AWD with 330 miles range for the public but for larger fleet orders such as from Hertz.

Hertz Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD features and specifications. Credit: Hertz / Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Interestingly, Hertz also posted the battery pack size (75 kWh) — Tesla has for a long time stopped using the battery size in kWh for their vehicles since Model 3 back in 2017.

Tesla now only publishes the range figures for its vehicle. before Model 3, the nomenclature of a Tesla Model S or X was like 75D (75kWh Dual-Motor) or P100D (Performance 100 kWh Dual-Motor) to name a few.

Hertz happily announced the addition of Tesla Model Y to its electric vehicle fleet in the following words:

Discover the latest addition to Hertz’s growing electric vehicle (EV) fleet, the Tesla Model Y. This fully electric mid-size SUV offers the space, comfort, and convenience you need for every journey. Priding itself on efficiency and an up to 330-mile* range, the Model Y comes with a list of additional features, enhancing every minute of your drive when you hire from Hertz today.

Built with Tesla engineering at its core, Model Y has earned high ratings for its safety features and advanced tech. Step inside to enjoy a wide range of options, including a heated steering wheel, autopilot, and an all-glass roof that lets in more light and increases visibility.

Source: Hertz website

Due to skyrocketing demand and inflation, Tesla Model Y has become $4,000 more expensive this month (YTD).

When Hertz had ordered 100K Model 3s last year, the price of TSLA shares went up but Elon Musk said that Tesla has no demand problem and this new order did not make much of a difference. The real issue at Tesla is fulfilling the demand.

To overcome this barrier, Tesla has started production and deliveries at its Gigafactory Berlin earlier this week and Giga Texas is also getting ready to output a burst of Model Ys very soon.

Hertz is starting to offer rental EVs in Europe as well with its UFO Drive mobile app. The infographic of this app experience also has a Tesla Model 3 sketched on it (below) — hinting at the Tesla Hertz partnership coming to Europe as well.

Hertz UFO Drive mobile app experience infographic for rental electric vehicles especially Tesla cars. Credit: Hertz / UFO Drive.

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