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Tesla adds $1,000 to the prices of Model 3 Dual Motor variants


Demand, inflation, and Tesla’s popularity have lately played a combined role in back-to-back price hikes in Tesla vehicle prices. After increasing the prices twice last month, Tesla has once again increased the prices of both the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor variants (Long Range AWD and Performance) by $1,000 (see new prices below).

Tesla’s Fremont factory is the only plant in the United States where Tesla Model 3 is manufactured and this plant has almost reached its capacity. Gigafactory Shanghai is the other location where Tesla produces Model 3 cars but they are not imported back to the US, they mostly go to Asian countries and Europe.

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New Tesla Model 3 Prices

The base variant of the Tesla Model 3 remains at $46,990 which is the cheapest Tesla vehicle anyone can afford at this time.

Here’s the list of the new Tesla Model 3 prices as of 12th April 2022:

  • Tesla Model 3 = $46,990
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD = $55,490
  • Tesla Model 3 Perforamnce = $62,990
Screenshot: Prices of all the variants of Tesla Model 3 in the United States as of 12th April 2022. Source: Tesla online car configurator.

In this iteration of the Teslas price increase, Model Y remained unaffected by the change. The current base Model Y starts at $62,990 which is far more expensive than the base Model 3.

However, Tesla is working on a cheaper Model Y All-Wheel Drive variant with 279 miles of range that is expected to be available in the next few weeks. This upcoming base Model Y variant was spotted at the recent Tesla event Cyber Rodeo.

Another Tesla Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant has been added to the EPA website but there has been no official word from Tesla on its arrival. Because of a single motor and a smaller battery (244 miles of range), the RWD Model Y would be a good choice for customers wanting a mid-size SUV within a price bracket of $50K – $55K.

A beautiful white Tesla Model 3 from inside Mackay, Australia inside the Canelands shopping mall. Credit: Jason Ashmore / Facebook.

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