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The ultimate drag racing battle: Tesla Model S Plaid vs. 1,200 hp Dodge Demon (video)


The time has come to witness how the iconic Dodge Demon performs on the dragstrip against the calm and quiet Model S family sedan. Looking at the body type of these vehicles, there should be no comparison, but the world wanted to see what happens.

Who else is better to arrange this kind of a drag racing competition than Brooks Weisblat of DragTimes / YouTube. Along with his own, he brought two other Tesla Model S Plaid cars to the dragstrip to fight the 1200 hp Demonology.

Tesla Model S Plaid is a 1,020 hp electric car with instant torque delivered to the wheels via its three motors (1 in the front axle, 2 in the rear). The engine of this modified and tuned Dodge Demon on the other hand has 1,200 hp (BHP) of power but has 1,121 wheel horsepower (WHP).

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The modified Dodge Demon used in this drag race was stripped off the seats and anything unnecessary from the interior. It also had tons of aftermarket upgrades, tuning, and a cooling system in the rear (it needs ice cubes to cool it down).

While the Tesla Model S Plaid was totally stock, the way it came from the factory. While the Plaid is geared up for performance, it wasn’t stripped off of any weight in this race like the Pikes Peak run last year.

In the test passes before the actual race, Model S Plaid did the 1/4 mile in 9.544 seconds and the Dodge Demon did it in 9.699 seconds (it needed a long cooldown after this run while the Plaid was ready again in no time).

Actually, Tesla Model S Plaid can perform back-to-back quarter-mile runs easily due to the innovative heat pump and the new radiator system installed. DragTimes previously tested Model S Plaid for continuous 40 quarter-mile passes and even at 20% state-of-charge (Soc), it completed the 41st run in under 10 seconds.


Model S Plaid has previously defeated a Dodge Demon in a drag racing battle but it was an 840 hp version. This opponent is on another level, so the Model S was defeated with a low margin.

Dodge Demon did it in 9.060 seconds and Model S Plaid completed the quarter-mile in 9.313 seconds in this race.

So far, only Tesla Model S Plaid has been beaten by a 1,914 hp Rimac Nevera electric hypercar and this 1,200 hp Dodge Demon — but still holds the crown for the world’s quickest production car (mass-produced). To tackle these monstrous opponents, Elon Musk has already announced that Tesla is bringing the next-gen Roadster to production as early as next year.

The drag race video is still interesting to watch even when the Plaid has lost.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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