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IDRA unveils the production version of its 9000-ton Tesla Cybertruck Giga Casting machine


Tesla’s sole provider for its gigantic Giga Casting machines IDRA Group from Italy has finally fully unveiled the production version of the 9000-ton machine. This 9,000-ton machine is going to be used for making Tesla Cybertruck body parts as previously confirmed by Elon Musk.

In a new video posted on YouTube and other social media platforms, IDRA demonstrated the final assembly of this giant Giga Casting machine at its assembly plant in Travagliato, Italy.

This 9000t diecasting machine is critical to putting the Tesla Cybertruck into production which has already been delayed by a couple of years and is scheduled to start next year (2023) at Giga Texas.

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Before IDRA sends this machine to the United States for Tesla Cybertruck production, the company is currently showcasing it at their Open House event in Nuremberg, Germany. The Cybertruck 9,000-ton Giga Casting machine is on display from 6 to 14 June 2022, IDRA Group announced via an official press release (auto-translated version in full below).

We invite you to join our Open House event while on your way to EUROGUSS. Why not save time and money? Extend your trip and cross beautiful Italy in the summer on your way to Nuremberg.

June 6-14, 2022
We are honored to offer you a preview of our facility to show you the latest die casting machine design. You will be among the first to preview our new 9000t Giga Press being tested, including the 5S injection system and other fully integrated mid-size production cells. Come and see the reality.

The star of the show is our 9000t CS GIGA press.
You will have the opportunity to get a close look at a production machine designed to melt the largest and most complex structural pieces being produced today.

Contact Ms. Katharina Stokes

IDRA Group press release

The most interesting diagram is the machine layout diagram of the 9000-ton Giga Casting machine that he posted online (below). The technical diagram specifically mentions that the total weight of this machine is 688,200 Kg (1517221.29 lbs) — and this includes 27,300 Kg (60186 lbs) of water-glycol. No surprise that this is the largest Giga Casting machine ever built.

Machine layout diagram of the 9,000-ton Cybertruck Giga Casting machine by IDRA. Credit: Confidential via Reddit.

Sawyer Merrit also calculated that each of these gigantic 9,000-ton Giga Casting machines weighs as much as 347 Tesla Model Y Long Range SUVs.

The delivery and commissioning of these 9,000-ton Giga Casting machines by IDRA is critical to starting Tesla Cybertruck production next year. However, it’s not clear whether this 9000-ton version has actually replaced the previous 8,000-ton version or if they are both going to be used for Cybertruck production, hopefully, this is answered by Elon Musk sooner or later.

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Video: Assembly of the 9000t Giga Press at IDRA in Italy.



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