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Commenting on a Cybertruck video, Elon Musk says “it will be our best product ever imo”


A couple of new short video clips of the Tesla Cybertruck have gone viral on Twitter and the company’s CEO Elon Musk couldn’t ignore his creation. Under one of the video clips, Musk said “it will be our best product ever imo”.

Elon Musk has expressed in the past that it doesn’t matter if people do not like the Cybertruck’s exterior design, he loves it and that’s what matters to him the most. In the early days when the Cybertruck was unveiled, it was considered to be the most polarizing product ever made, and now Musk claims it’s going to be the “best”.

Tesla enthusiasts sharing and retweeting this 22-second video clip are saying that the Cybertruck is looking “unreal” and “surreal”.

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Elon Musk has iterated in the past that the Cybertruck is inspired by the futuristic Blade Runner movie universe — a glimpse of which was seen when last year Musk took the Cybertruck prototype to visit the New York City for SNL.

Actually, Tesla joined the commissioning day of the world’s largest battery energy storage project in Moss Landing, California. This mega project is a joint venture of Tesla and the energy provider Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E).

The Tesla team took the Cybertruck prototype with them to showcase it to the PG & E employees and the visitors to the event. The last time Tesla took the Cybertruck to a recruitment event was at the Formula SAE raceway in Brooklyn, Michigan.


Some more photos of the interior and exterior of the Cybertruck from this event were shared on the r/cybertruck subreddit. Looking closely at these photos shows us that a large part of the Cybertruck windshield wiper is missing.

Turns out that the huge Cybertruck windshield wiper can be disassembled into two or three parts. Here, only the bottom-most piece that is attached to the arm of the wiper is visible in these pictures.

A Tesla patent from last year showed that the windshield can be cleaned using a laser and the Cybertruck was expected to be the first one to incorporate this technology. But it seems that starting production is much more important than integrating such features and is a practical approach — hence, we got a Cybertruck windshield wiper.

However, to make it the best product, Tesla is still tweaking the design of the Cybertruck and also adding new features like the 4-wheel steering crab mode.

Tesla Cybertruck at PG & E Moss Landing, CA battery energy storage site. Notice the windshield wiper has the forward piece (s) detached and missing. Credit: ishouldntofsaidthat / Reddit.
Tesla Cybertruck interior as shown at the PG & E Moss Landing, CA battery energy storage site. Credit: ishouldntofsaidthat / Reddit.

The interesting point to note in the above Cybertruck interior cabin picture is the driver seat adjustment buttons on the side — they are also designed in rectangular and square shapes. This is perhaps the only close-up photo of the Cybertruck seat adjustment buttons for front, height, and lumbar support controls.

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