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Tesla Model Y in Deep Blue Metallic color spotted outside Giga Berlin, watch glimpses of Tesla’s most advanced paint shop


Tesla’s most popular electric car in Europe is the Model Y compact luxury SUV. To satisfy its demand in this region, Tesla constructed Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany and it started production last year.

In the process of scaling up Model Y production, Tesla first started with limited paint options. Actually, the basic ones like the included Pearl White Multi-Coat and the basic premium Solid Black color for €1,200 euros.

To spice up the taste for potential customers looking for something other than the basic colors, Tesla announced two new colors in October of 2022 — namely, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red.

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Of these two new colors, Tesla was quick enough to put the Quicksilver Model Y color into production, mainly due to the welcoming demand it received from European buyers. Midnight Cherry Red has yet to go into production.

In between these two, there was another color that wouldn’t have been ignored — the Deep Blue Metallic — also still not in production at Giga Berlin. Of course, it has been available in Made-in-China Model Ys for a long time now. Tesla charges €1,600 euros for the Deep Blue Metallic paint option in Europe.

But, this color on Giga Berlin-made Model Y vehicles is expected to be even finer due to the upgraded paint shop at Tesla’s European Gigafactory.
According to Elon Musk, this is the most advanced paint shop at any Tesla factory and even perhaps in the entire automotive industry as well.

“Giga Berlin is home to our most advanced paint system yet, enabling multi-layer painting for depth, dimension & a hand-painted look,” Tesla’s official account tweeted with the following teaser video of the Giga Berlin paint shop.
Video highlights of Tesla’s most advanced paint shop at the automaker’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. via Twitter.

So, just last week, a Tesla Model Y was spotted being parked outside Giga Berlin in the Deep Blue Metallic color. This Model Y vehicle is believed to be a precursor for this color going into production sooner than later. Although, with its popularity among Tesla fans, Midnight Cherry Red should be the next one to be loaded into the Giga Berlin paint shop.

Giga Berlin local observers’ YouTube channel The Wolfpack Berlin spotted this Deep Blue Metallic Model Y in the parking lot during their routing drone video making of the factory. This spotting has sparked the speculations of this color going into production early.

A Tesla Model Y in Deep Blue Metallic color spotted being parked outside Gigafactory Berlin. Credit: The Wolfpack Berlin / YouTube (drone video below).

The dirty looks of the car and the gap between the frunk (front trunk) and bumper hint at this car being a test Model Y in Deep Blue Metallic.

However, I would take the speculation of it going to production with a grain of salt at the moment. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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Drone video: Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model Y spotted at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.



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