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Tesla celebrates the production of 4,000 Model Y SUVs in a week at Giga Berlin


Employees at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg celebrated the goal of producing 4,000 Model Y electric SUVs in a single week last week. Giga Berlin achieved a production rate of 1,000 Model Ys per week in June last year.

So it took Tesla around 8 months to ramp up production at its European factory from 1,000 Model Y vehicles per week to the rate of 4,000 a week. However, it is not yet confirmed if Giga Berlin will be able to retain this production rate in the coming weeks or months or if it will drop.

It took Tesla nearly 3 years from getting the approval for building a Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg’s Grünheide plantation land. The first pile driver was inserted into the ground in May 2020 and after around 2.5 years, Tesla’s factory is already producing around 4,000 cars a week.

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In the picture: Telsa car manufacturing team celebrating 4,000 Model Y production week (Feb 20 – 26, 2023) at Giga Berlin.

Tesla started deliveries of the Made-in-China Model Y electric SUVs in Europe starting in August of 2021. Till then, Tesla Model 3 was already popular in the region. However, Tesla Model Y has since become even more popular and cannibalized Model 3 sales to some extent.

But to satisfy the demand for the Tesla Model Y in Europe, Tesla had to start local production and now Giga Berlin has reached a reasonable manufacturing speed.

However, Giga Berlin is currently producing Tesla Model Y vehicles in White, Black, and Quicksilver colors only. If you order in these colors, the delivery timeline is estimated to be in March – April.

Last year Tesla introduced two new and unique colors that are only available in Giga Berlin-made Model Y SUVs — Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. According to Tesla’a online car configurator, Midnight Cherry Red Deliveries are estimated to take place in July – August.

The delivery timeline for Deep Blue Metallic is even more delayed, estimated to be delivered in August – September.

Tesla added Quicksilver to its paint shop at Giga Berlin before Deep Blue Metallic because the Quicksilver color became so popular among its European customers.

Just about a month ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s mother Maye Musk visited Giga Berlin and shared a few short videos of the factory inside. We can witness that most of the new Model Ys were in Quicksilver color despite its hefty price tag of €3,000 euros.

Maye Musk inspects Giga Berlin-made Model Ys in Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red colors.

Tesla has opened Giga Berlin to the public on 2 occasions, once in 2021 at the Giga Berling Giga Fest and the 2nd time last year when the automaker started delivering Model Ys to customers in Europe.

According to some local observers and media sources, Tesla plans to ramp up production to 5,000 cars per week in June. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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