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Tesla Model Y Quicksilver color is a hit in Europe, looks fantastic in person (pics, videos)


Quicksilver was one of the two new colors Tesla introduced for its Model Y electric SUV in Europe and the Middle East in November of 2022.

These new colors acted as additional catalysts to the demand for the already popular Model Y as the early Tesla-released pictures went viral across social media.

But the true test of a color paint isn’t validated until it’s seen in the real world with the naked eye. So, as Tesla started delivering the Quicksilver Model Ys to its stores and showrooms across Europe, potential customers had the chance to look at it in person.

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Almost anyone who saw the Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color indoors or outdoors said that it looks amazing when you see it in person.

Some of these viewers shared their reviews and impressions of the Quicksilver color on social media via images and statements. Some of these were our Tesla Community friends and followers from Europe like @TeslaStar / Twitter, he posted the following pictures of it.

Tesla Model Y electric SUV in Quicksilver color parked inside a Tesla Showroom & Store in Germany. Credit: @TeslaStars / Twitter.
Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color parked outside in the outdoors in Amsterdam. Credit: @electrifelix / Twitter.
Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color parked in the woods. “Quicksilver Model Y in person looks so good,” says the owner. Credit: @nils_e13 / Twitter.

The demand spike for the Quicksilver color besides its hefty €3,000 Euro price tag is an interesting phenomenon — if a product is really good, people are willing to pay for it — stays true for the Tesla Model Y Quicksilver color.

Some lucky owners of this color were able to get the benefit of Tesla’s offer of a free upgrade to Quicksilver or Midnight Cherry Red for existing reservation holders.

Someone going past Giga Berlin last week saw a car carrier trailer full of Tesla Model Ys in Quicksilver on their way to customer deliveries. Gakke Lakos posted the following video of this scene on Twitter.


My ex-co-author at CleanTechnica Alex Avoigt from Germany was also able to get an up-close-and-personal look at a Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver. He captured a great slow-motion video as we can see above. Several more Quicksilver Model Ys can be seen in the background. So far this tweet has garnered almost 2.5k likes and the video has been viewed more than 220k times.

Looks like the Quicksilver has gone into production at Giga Berlin but Tesla has not yet started rolling out Model Ys in the Midnight Cherry Red color. Perhaps, the most advanced vehicle paint shop in the world is overwhelmed with the Quicksilver orders.

If you have seen a Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver in person, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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