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Elon Musk is reportedly going to announce FSD Beta for China on his next visit to the country soon


After the United States and Canada, Tesla is reportedly working to expand Full Self-Driving Beta testing in China. “Tesla in the higher-end market is about to start Full Self-Driving in China,” Caixin, a Chinese news agency reported (auto-translated).

After almost 3 years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is planning to visit China. Although, the main reason for his visit is to meet the newly-appointed Chinese Premier Li Qiang. The schedule of this visit is depending on Li Qiang’s availability (reports Reuters).

Rumors suggest that Elon Musk will seize this opportunity to announce the start of FSD Beta coming to China. This will also help with free press coverage when the news of meeting the Chinese Prime Minister will be covered extensively in China and globally as well.

Tesla’s Elon Musk dances at Giga Shanghai to celebrate the start of production at the factory on 7th January 2020.

Tesla’s entry into the Chinese market with FSD Beta is going to be a game-changer for the automaker. Tesla first started testing FSD Beta in the US and later on expanded to Canada last year.

With an enthusiastic and sizeable customer base in China, Tesla will be able to harness large clusters of self-driving data to train its Autopilot AI neural networks.

Since FSD Beta testing is offered to Tesla owners who already have bought the Full Self-Driving Capability package, the automaker would generate another income stream. Currently, the price of Full Self-Driving Capability in China costs 64,000 Yuan which equals to around 9,300 USD.

Offering FSD Beta testing to Tesla drivers in China also suggests that the US-based electric automaker has already prepared for or has even gone through regulatory approvals. Which is btw not an easy task in China.

Regulatory compliance is the sole reason Tesla hasn’t been able to offer FSD Beta to its European customers who are anxiously waiting for it for years now.

In the US and Canada, Tesla has released FSD Beta V11 (v11.3.4 as of this writing). It will be interesting to watch how and with which version Tesla will start testing Full Self-Driving in China.

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