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Tesla FSD Beta v11.3.4 (2022.45.13) receives mostly positive reviews but some issues linger on (videos)


It has been just more than a day since Tesla started pushing out its latest Full Self-Driving Beta v11.3.4 (2022.45.13). Now that the users have tested the new version for a while, it is getting mixed reactions for its performance on the road.

Some beta testers are praising how good it is performing compared to the previous version (v11.3.3) and some users are experiencing unexpected regressive behavior.

It would be worth mentioning that most of the beta tester reviews are positive for the new FSD Beta v11.3.4. But constructive negative feedback should not be ignored for a piece of software that is directly related to public safety.

Since v11.3.2, Tesla has been quickly rolling out new FSD Beta version updates every week and even letting external non-employee testers experiment with it.

Hairpin Turn on FSD Beta v11.3.4

One beta tester posted the following short video of the FSD Beta v11.3.4 test in a unique scenario — a hairpin turn in Atlanta, Georgia. In my opinion, Tesla Autopilot performed well on this difficult turn by slowing down properly and keeping its trajectory.

The lane lines were cut for a brief period and that was the only thing not making it perfect. Btw, a large number of humans wouldn’t take such a turn with perfection either. This is indeed one of the most interesting FSD Beta scenarios I have ever looked at. Let’s watch how it did.


Chuck Cook’s Unprotected Left Turn (UPL), No U-Turns Yet

After completing Chuck Cook’s UPL in his latest video of the FSD Beta v11.3.4 test, his Tesla got stuck at a U-turn. It didn’t only stop, it also moved unsafely to the right in trying to take the U-turn, Chuck had to intervene at this point to ensure safety. So, FSD Beta has yet to learn to take U-turns.

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Positive First Impressions

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley / Twitter experienced that FSD Beta v11.3.4 has made good progress in handling cars and a construction zone simultaneously. John, the president of this Tesla owners club posted the following video of this scenario.

“FSD Beta 11.3.4 handles cars on the left and a construction zone on the right along with a tow truck. It’s truly insane to see the progress happening in real-time as it handles real-life scenarios like a champ,” John wrote in his tweet.

Video: Daly City to Downtown San Franciso with zero interventions on Tesla FSD Beta v11.3.4.
Video: FSD Beta 11.3.4 taking a fast and busy intersection.

Mixed First Impressions

A beta tester on Twitter reported that he is facing issues with merging on interstate highways. His Tesla running on FSD Beta 11.3.4 doesn’t signal as it merges and even runs out of the lane and swerves at the last second for safety.

“Major issue with Tesla FSD Beta 11.3.4. At least in my area merging onto interstates is totally broken. It makes no attempt to merge and instead completely runs out of lane before swerving over at the last second. If a car is next to you it’ll shame on the brakes,” FSD Beta tester Andy Weedman shared his v11.3.4 feedback on Twitter.


In an instance where YouTuber Black Tesla was driving on FSD Beta 11.3.4, his car unexpectedly veered into the oncoming traffic. Good thing that the driver was alert and quickly took over the steering wheel.

We asked another FSD Beta tester from Iowa what was his overall view of the v11.3.4 update. According to his experience, this new version was mostly good except for hesitation in some scenarios and a late response like the one we saw in Chuck Cook’s video above (watch his test video below).

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Video: FSD Beta v11.3.4 (2022.45.13) first impressions.



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