Tesla Cybertruck spotted in the wild wrapped in a Ford F-150 skin — Musk’s answer to Ford CEO, take that Jim



Tesla started Cybertruck production at Giga Texas earlier this month. But the mystery around the unconventional Tesla pickup truck isn’t completely solved yet.

During the last few days, the Cybertruck has been spotted multiple times in the wild. But this time, there was something different.

While a prototype was seen with the widely-seen camouflage wrap, another Cybertruck was roaming the streets of California with a Ford F-150-like wrap around it.

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Tesla influencer, YouTuber, and TikToker @kilowatts spotted the camouflage Cybertruck on the streets of California. He also spied the Cybertruck at Tesla’s Fremont factory testing area. What he saw through the fence was no less than jaw-dropping — a Cybertruck that looked like a Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Tesla wrapped this Cybertruck prototype in gray color (Ford’s Carbonated Gray), more interestingly, pasted the stickers of Ford F-150 taillights on its tailgate. From a distance, it just looks like an F-150 truck, in reality, it’s a Cybertruck.

We can also call this — a Tesla Cybertruck in a Ford F-150 Lightning skin. Btw, F-150 Lightning is the electric pickup truck version of the ICE F-150.

Tesla not just pasted the fake rear lights of the Ford F-150, but the automaker copied the tailgate design and added fake wheel wells above the Cybertruck wheel arches as well. Quite funny and perhaps a little concerning for the Ford Motor Company.

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Tesla might just be poking fun at Ford. But Tesla and Elon Musk might just be making it clear to Ford that the competition is coming. Ford just recently embraced Tesla’s NACS charging standard, and it’s about time that Tesla enjoys some proud moments on this achievement.

Or, it may be a subtle answer to Ford CEO Jim Farley’s “take that Elon Musk” shout-out at the Ford F-150 Lightning presentation last year.

@kilowatts captures the video of the Tesla Cybertruck wrapped in a Ford F-150 skin.
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CNBC host Brian Sullivan tweeted the above Cybertruck photos that provide a clearer view of the F-150-wrapped Tesla truck. According to Brian, the friend who took these pictures said that the Cybertruck is huge in size although he himself drives a Dodge Ram. Elon Musk however said that the Cybertruck is going to fit an average American garage easily.

Suspectedly, Tesla is still hiding some details of the Cybertruck design. This might be true since the Cybertruck is seen with a camouflage wrap in all the recent sightings except for the most recent one with the Ford F-150 Lightning rear light stickers and design elements.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you think Tesla is still hiding design elements of the Cybertuck.

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