Cybertrucks spotted charging at Giga Texas, Tesla Fremont factory receives a Cybertruck batch, Tesla Semi ships a Cybertruck, more



With each passing day, public appearances of the Cybertruck are increasing. This is because Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) is pushing hard to start Cybertruck deliveries toward the end of the year.

Within the past week or so there has been immense Cybertruck-related activity at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. It started with the leaked video from inside the factory showing the Cybertruck production we reported earlier.

The latest development is that Cybertruck release candidates have been seen charging at the Giga Texas Supercharger. And interestingly, unlike the Tesla Semi, Cybertruck is charging on a standard V3 Supercharger stall like the smaller Tesla cars.

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After the production leak video, we mentioned above, 9 Cybertrucks were spotted at the Giga Texas parking lot. Local observer Joe Tegtmeyer saw these trucks while filming his routine Giga Texas drone video update last Sunday. All of these 9 Cybertrucks were covered while parked in the open space.

“They are in the outbound transportation lot at Giga Texas,” Joe wrote on Twitter.

9 Tesla Cybertrucks covered and parked outside at Giga Texas.
9 Tesla Cybertrucks covered and parked outside at Giga Texas. Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer / Twitter.
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Video: 9 Tesla Cyebrtrucks spotted outside Giga Texas.

Soon after these Cybertrucks were spotted outside Giga Texas, Tesla started loading them onto car carrier trailers and the trucks started leaving the factory either in batches or just one at a time. However, there was no official confirmation of where these Cybertrucks were headed to.

Many Tesla enthusiasts posted pictures and short videos of these Cybertrucks in different states as they were headed to their destinations. Interestingly, even a Tesla Semi was spotted transporting a Cybertruck from the Fremont factory.

Video: Tesla Semi hauling the Cybertruck on the highway.
Pics: Tesla Cyebrtrucks spotted in Ohio while getting transported to their destination.
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3 Tesla Cybertrucks loaded onto a trailer spotted on the I-10 highway while on their way from Giga Texas to the Tesla Fremont car factory.
Photo: 3 Tesla Cybertrucks loaded onto a trailer spotted on the I-10 highway while on their way from Giga Texas to the Tesla Fremont car factory. Credit: Saul Osorio via Facebook.

Most of the speculation suggested that these early production Cybertrucks are going to the Tesla Fremont factory. Tesla has been constantly taking Cybertruck prototypes to the Fremont factory for validation and calibration purposes.

Tesla has an in-house crash safety testing facility at the Fremont factory known as the Tesla Crash Lab. So, these newly-produced release candidate Cybertrucks might have a purpose at the Fremont factory.

Tesla even released teaser footage of the Cybertruck getting tested for crash safety earlier this year. But as soon as the Tesla truck hits the wall at the Crash Lab, the video suddenly cuts off. It has been months since then and Tesla has not released the remaining footage.

The batch of 9 Cybertrucks reached the Fremont factory on Thursday. They were spotted at the factory as they were about to be unloaded from the trailers.

Pics: Tesla Cybertrucks spotted in Arkansas.

However, Tesla has been constantly producing new Cyebrtrucks at Giga Texas and they are getting witnessed at this location almost every day. Tesla even shipped a Cybertruck in an enclosed trailer but it was paparazzied and provided us a glimpse into its new wheel design and exact tire size.

In another instance, Tesla enthusiasts captured photos of the Cybertruck suspension while the delivery trailer was resting on the side of the road. These pictures even forced teardown expert Sandy Munro to give his first impressions of the system.

On Friday, Giga Texas observer Jeff Roberts spotted a few newly built Cybertrucks charging at the Supercharger station located at the factory. Jeff took some interesting aerial footage from his drone camera for the best viewing pleasure.

This does not wrap up the Cybertruck journey yet, stay tuned for the news, updates, and stories.

Two Tesla Cybertrucks charging at the Giga Texas Supercharger.
Two Tesla Cybertrucks charging at the Giga Texas Supercharger. Credit: Jeff Roberts / Twitter.
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Video: Cybertrucks charging at Giga Texas.


Iqtidar Ali
Iqtidar Ali
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