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Tesla teases Cybertruck crash tests in a video from its Fremont Factory Crash Lab — flak and memes follow


Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his team at the company have once more surprised the world by posting a Cybertruck crash test teaser video on Twitter yesterday.

This video shows the Cybertruck accelerating toward a crash-test wall in the presence of a stunned audience observing it from behind windows.

But as soon as the Cybertruck test prototype approaches the crash wall, the scene abruptly ends there. In the 37-second video clip, this is repeated several times from multiple angles just like it’s done in a crash safety test.

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As should be expected, the video received a plethora of flak in Twitter comments. One user posted “just like the truck, it never arrives,” citing years of delays in Cybertruck production and deliveries since its unveiling back in November 2019.

In response to all the comments and criticism, Elon Musk just tweeted “Wait for it …,” quoting the Cybertruck crash test teaser video posted earlier by the automaker’s official account.

To Musk’s tweet, “I’ve never seen a video that pissed me off more,” another user tweeted.
Teaser video of the Tesla Cybertruck crash test. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. / Twitter.
A look at the front suspension of the Tesla Cybertruck from the crash safety teaser video (camera angle below the vehicle). Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Since Tesla does not use traditional advertisement channels to promote its vehicles, the automaker has indeed learned to leverage the power of the internet and social media for the purpose. Before putting the Cybertruck into production later this year, Tesla is attempting to create another wave of hype around the unorthodox electric pickup truck.

In the meanwhile, Tesla has also provided the internet nation with some fresh meme content. The discussion threads under Elon Musk and Tesla’s official threads are swarming with such.

The historic moment when Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen hit the Cybertruck body with a sledgehammer to demonstrate its durability.

Tesla is one of the only 2 car manufacturers in the world that have crash safety validation and testing labs (the other one is Volvo). The Tesla Crash Lab at the automaker’s Fremont factory uses advanced technology, software, and data to measure the crash safety of its vehicles.

Before going to safety testing authorities like the NHTSA and Euro NCAP, Tesla already has its vehicles tested at its private Crash Lab. So Tesla does not rely on safety crash ratings provided by the authorities. This helps them engineer the safest cars in the world.

The Cybertruck crash test is perhaps one of the most anticipated in automotive history because it has a 30X cold-rolled stainless steel body. And the world is anxious to see how it responds in a collision.

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