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Landscaping work on the $97 million Gigafactory Austin site has already started (video)


Tesla (TSLA) has successfully acquired the land for its next U.S. Gigafactory location in Austin, Texas. According to the local news agencies, the 2,000-acre land was bought for $97 million from building materials giant Martin Marietta.

The deal for this land purchase was already completed even before Elon Musk unveiling the reasons for choosing Austin as the Cybertruck and Model Y Gigafactory last week.

This is by far the best real estate deal that Tesla has made for a Gigafactory land globally after the 1,000 acres Gigfactory Nevada land that was given to Tesla for almost free by Lance Gillman and his partners in 2014.

Tesla Gigafactory Austin (Terafactory) location at the SH 130 & Harold Green Road marked on a satellite image. Source: Travis County.
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Tesla paid ~$48 million (€40 million) for the 741-acre Gigafactory Berlin plot and for the Gigafactory Shanghai’s 214 acres of land Tesla had to pay around $140 million. The per-acre cost of land for the Gigafactory Austin is significantly lower compared to the Tesla land purchases in Germany and China.

Tesla has surely struck a great deal by acquiring a depleted sand and gravel land in Texas, the landscaping work at the Giga Austin has already begun which we can witness in the following drone footage by a Tesla enthusiast.

According to sources, Tesla construction teams are working 7 days a week to complete the ground preparation stage, and the speed of the work at the site is amazing.

Starting with the super-fast start to completion of the Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla has shown aggressiveness in following timelines, this attitude is also reflecting in the fast-paced development of Gigafactory Berlin.

Interestingly, this piece of land has its own water reserves that we can see in the above video. Reportedly, Tesla is using this water for landscaping purposes of the Gigafactory Austin, saving both time and cost of water supply and transportation from the city.

Tesla has already posted several jobs for Gifactory Austin, Texas at this stage, the employment opportunities will just keep expanding as the manufacturing plant takes shape.

Giga Austin will be the first location where Tesla Cybertruck will be produced, Texas is the perfect place to launch and sell this next-gen pickup truck — cause ‘ everything is bigger in Texas‘, so the Cybertruck will originate from here only.

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