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Tesla backup camera darkness issue is resolved in 2021.4.3 update


Tesla backup camera has long been plagued by not having good visibility especially in the evening and dark hours. This issue has been solved by the automaker’s software team in the latest 2021.4.3 firmware update.

The release notes for the 2021.4.3 software update are almost blank and only say “Minor Fixes” in the on-screen documentation. This update is still rolling out to the Tesla fleet.

A Tesla owner however discovered that his backup camera visibility has improved significantly after installing this new update. He posted the before and after shots of the backup camera visibility at night with the 2020.48.35 and 2021.4.3 software respectively (pics below). This car looks like the older version media control unit (MCU1) Model S/X.

Tesla backup camera visibility in darkness on the firmware version 2020.48.35. Credits: @appleguru / TMC.
Tesla backup camera visibility in darkness on the firmware version 2021.4.3. Credits: @appleguru / TMC.
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We can see the clear difference in dark time visibility that the 2021.4.3 update has made, the display of the backup camera is much more clear now.


While this new Tesla software update has done an improvement to the backup camera visibility function, it has also brought bugs with it for a handful of owners.

As one of our Twitter followers and Tesla Model 3 owner Raffael saw several warnings after updating to 2021.4.3. Traction & stability control was disabled automatically and regenerative braking was also lost. So he needed to drive with much caution and now his car has been towed to a Tesla Service Center.

Looking at the Tesla issue tracker website, another subversion of this firmware update 2021.4.5 has already started rolling out today. This latest update might contain the fix to these bugs but looking at the firmware rollout map on Teslafi, it seems that 2021.4.5 is currently only pushed to the Chinese Tesla owners.

Another issue is that it has almost been 2 months into the year 2021 and Tesla has not yet released the awaited major firmware update V11. V11 OTA update was originally planned for Christmas release last year but inevitable circumstances resulted in an unpredictable delay. Although the software releases are now marked 20-21.x.x the major firmware version is still 10.2.


Update: My friend and Tesla YouTuber from Europe, Steven Peeters posted the following video discussing this issue and how he has experienced the backup camera darkness issue at night before the 2021.4.3 update which is now fixed.

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