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Tesla breaks the 200,000 deliveries barrier in Q2 2021


Tesla (TSLA) surpasses all expectations of vehicle delivery numbers as the automaker announced the Q1 2021 production and delivery figures yesterday.

The Silicon Valley-based electric vehicle manufacturer surprised the world when CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce “Congrats Tesla Team on over 200,000 car built & delivered in Q2, despite many challenges!!”.

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Tesla (TSLA) Q2 2021 Vehicle Production and Deliveries

 ProductionDeliveriesSubject to operating lease accounting
Model S/X2,3401,89018%
Model 3/Y204,081199,3607%
Data Source: Tesla Investor Relations web page.

Tesla delivered a staggering 16,580 more Model 3 and Model Y cars in Q2 compared to Q1 2021. These numbers hint that Tesla is constantly increasing its production capacity for the Model 3 and Y at Giga Shanghai and the Fremont factory.

Model S/X production and delivery numbers are even more interesting because Tesla is currently only producing the higher-end Model S Plaid, the deliveries of which started in a highly anticipated event last month. The Long Range Model S and no Model X variant are added to the numbers in this quarter.

This means Tesla has sold 1,890 Model S Plaid cars in less than 20 days, almost 95 Plaid S’s every day since the launch, a $130k car ($12M+ in revenue a day).

According to the estimates shown in the Tesla online car configurator, the deliveries of the lower-end Model S Long Range variants will start in September this year (end of Q3 2021). Looks like Model S Plaid is keeping Tesla busy enough, one reason is these higher-end cars are currently only produced at the Fremont factory.

The Model X numbers will not be included before next year as delivery estimates show an expected January-February timeline. Model S Plaid will be enough to hold the Tesla critics this year.

Graph of Tesla (TSLA) deliveries from Q3 2017 to Q2 2021. Source: Hypercharts.

As we can see in the historic graph above, this is the 6th consecutive quarter when Tesla has delivered more cars than the previous quarter. Comparing to Q3 2017 (26,152 deliveries), Tesla has grown at least 9X in terms of production and deliveries. This is exponential growth in a short span of time for a fairly new company in the automotive sector.

We should be expecting the next two quarters even bigger as Elon Musk has set the target of 1 million deliveries this year. Last year, he set the target for 500k deliveries, and Tesla fell short by only 450 vehicles.

800k should be easily possible if Giga Berlin starts Model Y production in Q4 this year, around half of that (386,050) vehicles are already delivered this year.

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