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Tesla vehicle was not the cause of the Dallas, Texas fire, recovered dashcam footage reveals


Dashcam footage from the recovered USB drive from a Tesla Model Y electric vehicle reveals the true source of the massive Dallas, Texas fire that happened earlier in March.

Mainstream media outlets and anti-Tesla fanatics instantly blamed that the Tesla vehicle’s large battery pack was responsible for this fire incident. However, the investigation into the matter revealed by a Tesla ethical hacker named Green shows that it was not true — at all.

The following newly recovered video footage shows that the origin of this fire was from inside the house, not the vehicle itself.

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The Dallas Texas TV even went to the extent that they said the fire was caused by the Tesla vehicle basically exploding — which is totally wrong, as wrong as it could be. Many people have now reported this video tweet from Dallas Texas TV for spreading misleading information. So I have kept a screenshot in case the tweet is deleted by the author or taken down by Twitter.

The video footage from left the side repeater camera shows that the car was plugged in when the fire erupted from inside the house. The Tesla owner was inside the car, as soon as the fire came from the house, she abandoned the vehicle and ran for safety. Since the car was plugged in, she couldn’t have driven it before unplugging it.

Side repeater video showing the owner leaving the car while the Tesla vehicle was plugged in.

This means that the owner was probably aware of the source of this massive fire but somehow the initial reports blamed the Tesla vehicle for the incident without thorough investigations into the matter.

What’s more interesting is that the battery pack of this red Tesla Model Y was recovered in an almost intact condition. The following photos of the car from the salvage yard also show that the fire had only damaged the front area and the cabin of the car, it barely reached the battery pack.

The mostly intact battery pack of the Tesla Model Y from Dallas, Texas fire. Credits: Green / Twitter.

These pictures and the video footage above tell the whole story themselves, no fire originated from the Tesla vehicle in this incident. Mainstream media and their web outlets ran the story without solid proof or investigation. This is called spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the minds of potential customers.

With the Gigafactory Texas getting ready for car production within a few weeks, Tesla has just started to settle itself as the first major electric vehicle player in the central United States. This development does not seem to get a warm welcome from some major auto, oil, and media players in the region.

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So the idiot driver was literally sitting in front of her burning house and had NO IDEA until it got that bad. WOW.

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