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Here’s how fast the Model S Plaid is after 40 quarter-mile runs and at a 20% state of charge


Tesla Model S Plaid has established itself as the ultimate drag racing machine as soon as it started reaching the hands of its owners. Tesla Model S Plaid is seen consistently completing the 1/4-mile in the range of 9.2 – 9.3 seconds and it can repeat this performance on a single charge. This has been made possible by the new heat pump and radiator integration by the Silicon Valley-based automaker.

Brooks Weisblat of Drag Times has raced a Plaid Model S against a McLaren 600LT, Rimac Nevera, and Dodge Demon — he has the most racing data on the Model S Plaid than anyone else at the moment. In a short new video, he has shared the following insights regarding Plaid’s repeat performance at the dragstrip.

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How much battery is drained in each 1/4-mile race?

According to Drag Times, Model S Plaid loses only 2% of battery after every quarter-mile drag race. Compared to an 840 hp Dodge Demon, the entire gas tank is finished in a single race. While the 1,020 hp Model S Plaid can ideally run 50 quarter-mile races if charged to 100% before the first race.

Drag Times ran their Tesla Model S Plaid for 40 quarter-mile drag races to reach a 20% state of charge (SoC). What’s amazing is that these 40 races were performed in a single night. An internal combustion engine car can delivery this sort of repeat performance? certainly not.

41st run at 20% SoC

Tesla Model S Plaid completed the 41st quarter-mile run in just 9.96 seconds@136.40 mph. Launching even at a low 20% SoC, the Plaid performance can still embarrass many ICE sports and modified cars at the dragstrip.

Tesla’s engineering excellence has truly set the bar so high for racing performance with the Model S Plaid — which is basically a luxury family sedan. The Next-gen Tesla Roadster will be even better.

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